5 Types of Interactive Content to Attract Valuable Links

5 Types of Interactive Content to Attract Valuable Links
19Jul, 2021

5 Types of Interactive Content to Attract Valuable Links

In this digital age, everyone hides behind the screen of their phones, laptops, monitors etc to share their thoughts on an online platform

If your content does not engage customers, it’s not because your customers are introverted or unresponsive but because your content is not interactive enough.

An amazing way to entertain your customers is making use of interactive content, by doing this, you will leave customers running back to you for more.

In the light of this, if your customers are not satisfied with your contents, how do you expect to earn valuable links?

Are you looking for new ways to give your customers a good time on your site while meeting their needs at the same time? Have you considered using interactive means to bring more traffic to your site?

Well, that’s that for interactive contents. The essence of this article is to expose you to ways by which your interactive content can earn you valuable links.

If you want to maximize your linking efforts, you will need to develop a tactic in which you will need to earn links that your competitors cannot have or at least have the clones.

That means you have to approach it differently.

You won’t be advantaged over your competitors through guest posting, resource building links or similar tactics, and even high-value passages like newsjacking. 

One tactic that allows you to get sufficient links is on the platform of content marketing / digital PR.

Channel your initiative to the right audience.

When you’re able to affiliate links that journalists, bloggers and webmasters want to link to, the result which you can garner can contribute to significant growth.

In the light of this, an affiliate link can come in many different forms – from static visuals ( infographics can still earn great links) through to interactive content pieces.

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In this article, we’ll give a detailed explanation of how you can use content marketing to earn links that allow for great growth, showing you several proven ways and examples of successful pieces.

We’ll treat what makes each of these interactive formats linkable and how they can be promoted to earn links.

1. Tools and calculators

Tools and calculators, when done well, can prove very effective to get quality links.

Although in many fields, simple ideas have been stretched to their limit and they have nothing new to offer.

Today, you need to approach the idea of tools and calculators with new concepts to succeed.

Before launching this idea, ensure it has not been done elsewhere. Ask yourself in what way will it be of value to users.

Let’s cite an example, for instance, the mortgage calculator from Money Saving Expert, we observe that, according to Alfred, it has earned links from 337 unique domains. 

This is not bad for a sure contributing factor to the tool ranking prominently across profitable search terms.

It’s quality content and it deserves the links it garnered, so it’s worthy of being cited as an example.

But could this be improved? Probably not.

As such, it is unlikely that a newly launched tool that offered anything close to it would be more effective at earning links.

But that’s not our aim of focus.

Tools and calculators have a great tendency to drive big results. Just remember to launch a unique tool:

  • Adds value
  • Is interactive
  • And is not common.

This format has proven effective in earning great links.

2. Games and quiz

Who doesn’t like a bit of fun when producing interactive content?

But this requires a lot of brainstorming and deep thinking to come up with ideas that revolve around fun games and quizzes which you can launch to engage and entertain your audience, alongside earning links from other domains that share the assets.

The only disadvantage of using games and quizzes is that it consumes time and resources.

The idea is to wrack your brain on topics you are already known for. What is that thing that differentiates your brand from other brands?

From there, you can come up with ideas on how to challenge and engage these individuals through interactive contents.

The only limit here is how far you cannot think.

Make sure to check your ideas probably with members of your audience (maybe friends and colleagues that are not involved in the project) before launching the idea.

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3. Interactive maps

You might be wondering, why make a map interactive?

For a simple reason:

Maps are the most difficult to consume format of content, especially on mobile devices.

Maps are the best way to display data that is broken down by a country.

This format is tested and trusted and it can earn great links.

However, except you want your users to have to zoom in and move the map around or squint their eyes, this format is scarcely user-friendly.

4. Indices

If you truly want to earn valuable links from top publishers, there’s a high chance you will need data-driven content to achieve this.

When you take data and use it to create an interesting story, you eventually end up with different angles; especially when it is done in the index format.

However, the biggest advantage of launching interactive versions is that users can

  • Discover the data themselves
  • Engage with maps
  • Set in

These are the different ways you can make an index attractive and interactive.

5. Interactive infographics and reports

Some say that infographics are no longer in existence, but you can’t blame the format.

Regardless of the format in which it is presented, an excellent storyline and caption will succeed, and even now, infographics can still be used for campaigns.

However, infographics are more effective when they are interactive and engaging.

For the simple reason that interactivity allows you to:

  • Enhance user experience
  • Present data in unique ways
  • Create great contents.

This makes it easy for you to:

  • Be creative
  • Present data correctly

– Lastly, delivering responsive assets that can be operated on both mobile and desktop devices. This way, the challenges of working with static visuals are defeated.

 Bottom line

Trying to earn valuable links before setting up interactive content is like putting the cart before the horse.

 To earn valuable links, users must be able to interact and feel engaged with your contents. 

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