7 Tips to Future-Proof Your Guest Post Outreach Link Building Efforts

7 Tips to Future-Proof Your Guest Post Outreach Link Building Efforts 1
09Jan, 2019

What is guest post outreach link building and how do you future proof your website ranking from future Google updates?

With Google continuously adjusting the search algorithm it implies you not just to be considering what are the very best Search Engine Optimisation methods today but equally require you to watch on where Google appears to be heading.

For example, as a community, we have actually recognised that mobile very first indexing was most likely to be a big deal due to the fact that Google has actually been offering us tips for 18 months. Those that adjusted their sites appropriately have actually not seen any type of favourable influence from the modification over to mobile initial indexing, those that ignored it have not had such a smooth shift.

Link Building is no different

Google has actually restated that any type of kind of link purchase is against their terms and also you would certainly be naive to assume there will not be changes to the algorithm that impact links.

I have actually assembled a few of the techniques you might make use of to future evidence, or at the very least where you could wish to be seeking to guarantee you do not obtain captured out in the future.

You’ll find out the relevance of having a community presence – the damage guest post signposts may perform in the future, enhancing importance to the technical delivery of mass outreach. We’ll be reviewing the role of customisation as well as email deliverability as well.

# 1 Establish a Community Visibility

Blog owners are much less relying on nowadays as well as it’s worsening. They get bombarded with deals daily. From our experience at Authority Builders, they are still available to having specific niche appropriate content created by particular niche relied on specialists, however, you require to be able to show your proficiency.

Unless you have actually an acknowledged certification (as an example, a nutritional expert covering diet regimen), you need to strive to be able to show your reputation as a particular niche professional.


If it’s possible, sign up with Facebook teams and also include worth and also obtain your name out this way. Enter that community.

Invest the time (as well as money) to protect guest post on some high authority, particular niche appropriate sites. You can after that connect to the articles in your prospecting, showing your proficiency as well as adding trust.

Being identified as a specialist is additionally most likely assist you to maintain the price down. Normally, the bigger authority sites are billing an increasing number of as they identify their worth.

That is unless they see you as including worth, as a specialist.

# 2 Avoid Guest Post Outreach Link Sign-posting

You ought to truly think about exactly how you desire your guest post to be shown on the site. Previously, the majority of Search engine optimisations have actually concentrated on whether the link is a do-follow or no-follow link.

If we spend for the post, some sites will certainly classify it as a sponsored post, so it’s certainly paid as well as probably taken into consideration an advert by viewers and also Google alike.

Google does not like active link building of any kind.

Stay clear of obtaining links on pages that out you such as this:

Guest Post Outreach

It is a clear signal to Google that possibly the post has actually been proactively sought, they will certainly decrease the value of the link (review the different white hat penalties). You need to seem future-proofing your guest post versus evident guest post labelling, or possibly deal with the repercussions in the years ahead.

# 3 Put Significance at the Forefront

Google is heading in the direction of enhanced relevance which’s where we must be heading. One technique we might execute is to boost our link relevance.

A lot of Search engine optimisations are turned on to the concept of making sure the site is either a really high-value target or particular niche pertinent to their site (both of those would certainly be the ultimate link placement).

With “enhanced significance” relatively at the centre of Google’s mind, it would certainly make good sense to attempt and also customise the content to be relatable to both the guest post site (so it’s approved by them and also worthy), however also pertinent to the page you wish to connect to on your site.


It’s not constantly very easy, it calls for a little creative thinking, to find up with the best content that ticks all those boxes, however, if Google is checking out significance it makes good sense to move in that direction in anticipation of future adjustments.

After that there’s geo-relevance. If your site is targeting a United States market, having a guest post on sites that have a bigger part of their traffic from the United States can well raise relevance.

There is no clear proof that it does currently, yet it could in the future so if you’re seeming one action ahead of other Search engine optimisations, why refrain a quick check?

It’s something we consider when we assess site for the Authority Builders platform.

We require the quality of the site, metrics, traffic and also place of traffic to make good sense so we understand it add worth to our customers today and also in the future.

# 4 Make Certain Mass Email is Certified

We’re rather made use of to Can Span regulations as well as currently we have GDPR to remain on the ideal side of also, particularly if we’re sending mass email for link prospecting.

We’re unable to provide lawful recommendations, however, we can speak around the topic a little and also discuss what various other “specialists” have actually stated concerning the subject and also you can look into as well to make your very own choice.

Originally, people were stressed that you were not allowed to call anybody without their authorisation, nevertheless, there is a condition in the policies that specify that get in touch with can be made without prior authorisation if there is “legitimate interest”.


As we’re using an exchange, we’ll give content in return for direct exposure to their target market (and also a link) as well as sometimes we might use money, other straight advertising firms have actually had the ability to suggest that it’s a legitimate interest.

That’s for you to make your very own judgement on, yet if you’re aiming to remain GDPR certified generally, you must recognise the following:

1– In the email you send, you need to state where you obtained the contact information from. It needs on the very first email you send to them.

2– Ought they ask, you need to offer them with all the information you have on them.

3– You need to not have any type of information on contacts that are not pertinent to your demands.

It shows how you seriously take GDPR, however, if you wish to future-proof your mass outreach, it ought to be a factor to consider.

# 5 Work on your Guest Post Outreach Prospects Email Deliverability

There are presently over 120 million destructive files that have actually been found drifting around the online world, being made use of for destructive intent, generally supplied by email.

This has actually indicated a great deal of money has actually been invested in spam filters to recognise these documents prior to they do any kind of damages and also as a result, it’s ending up being progressively challenging to obtain your emails landing in inboxes when sending mass emails.

Bulk Email

A great deal relies on the historical information of both your email address and also the email server you’re making use of to send out emails. It used to be adequate to obtain a Gmail address and used it to prospect. However today that’s not the optimum way to run outreach.

You’ll soon figure out, particularly if you have not cleaned up your email lists and you’re getting a ton of email bounces.

Sendgrid is one remedy. It works as an intermediary in between your mail server as well as the e-mail receiver and also type of “vouches” for you, you get to use their reputation.

That’s not a brand-new option, some Search engine optimisations, as well as firms, have actually been utilising it for many years, they were future-proofing their organisation. Currently, the moment has actually come where this type of remedy ends up being a requirement.

For bigger operations, you may intend to link software application like Sendy or Mautic to an Amazon SES. It costs next to nothing (the very first 60,000 emails are totally free) both are also budget-friendly. Sendy is a small one-time fee while Mautic is open resource.

It requires you to think of just how to enhance your deliverability due to the fact that it’s most likely to be progressively much more intricate.

# 6 Personalise Your Guest Post Outreach Emails

A study suggests that “canned” email is dead, or at least part of the past. We’re seeing less and less rise from making use of totally templated email.

It’s most likely since

A) a great deal of Search engine optimisations are currently utilising templated emails severely so guest post prospects are ending up being hesitant, and also

B) increasingly more individuals are running outreach, email inboxes are coming too swamped with deals.


The outcome is, you require to do something that makes your deal to stand out.

You still require to automate as well as send prospecting emails in bulk, yet at the same time, you require to be savvier regarding it. You require to customise the emails in some way and also locate the wonderful area in between customisation as well as automation.

One means to do it is to portion leads right into little subgroups.

As an example, if you are searching for a link from a yoga site. You might filter leads to have sites that are concentrated on one facet of yoga exercise, let’s say mostly the spiritual effects of yoga.

With this in mind, you could compose a prospecting email speaking about some current study on just how yoga exercise assists with decreased cortisol. It literally de-stresses you.

It’s still a templated email, however to a smaller sized team which would certainly be specifically interested, so it really feels extra pertinent to the reader (Site Owner).

Personalised and also automated is the secret a successful guest post outreach link building campaign.

# 7 Turn Your Guest Post Outreach into a Processed Machine

There’s most likely to be a time, not too long when you begin lacking data. Specifically, if you’re doing mass outreach. Certainly, there’s no reason you cannot speak to potential customers more than once, yet you’ll intend to do it in a strategic method, you can not spam them, it’s disadvantageous.

You require a process in place.

A great deal of smaller sized companies and SEOs make use of spreadsheets consistently. We utilise Link database on Google spreadsheets as well as our customised developed system to handle our very own processes.

Knowledge Stream

An additional choice is CRM. You can publish contacts in bulk and it will immediately make you mindful of some of the contacts are being reproduced, doing this prevents “spamming” leads. As soon as you have actually emailed them, they’ll additionally track their activity on any one of your digital properties that are attached to it.

Mass Guest Post Outreach Funnels– With outreach, you obtain a 30% boost in response rate from follow up emails.

Maybe that your emails are landing in their inbox yet they’re busy and also your follow-up emails jog their memory. There’s a concept that timing is everything.

Guarantee your system consists of a follow-up. Some tools automate this, others need you to drive it. Whatever system you have in, guarantee that you’re following up your leads to obtaining the optimum advantage of your cold prospecting.


Taking a look at the future is an essential lesson we must have gained from the past. Particularly if you have actually gotten on the incorrect end of a Google upgrade.

There are points we can do worrying email deliverability that will certainly both maximise our process currently as well as likewise future-proof our capability to have our prospecting land in inboxes instead of spam. We require to guarantee we’re remaining certified currently also.


I discussed the advantages of having area visibility, placing ourselves as a specialist. I additionally highlighted the requirement to enhance significance anywhere feasible and also prevent signposting.

Maintaining one eye of the future will certainly assist you to maintain on the best side of any kind of Google algorithm updates.

Are you interested in scaling your agency white-hat outreach link building campaign but don’t have the luxury of time and resources to build a successful outreach campaign? See how we can help you achieve this goal here or schedule an SEO strategy call with us!

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