Relationship Building: How to Earn Trust & High-Quality Links

Relationship Building: How to Earn Trust & High-Quality Links
18Jul, 2021

Relationship Building: How to Earn Trust & High-Quality Links

In real-life situations, success is not achieved based solely on competence and efficiency. It is easy to achieve success when you have connections. 

Ever wondered why the rich befriend the rich? It is to build a long chain of connections and benefit themselves.

There’s a high success rate if you have the right connections.

But connections aren’t simply built by meeting random people on the street and shaking hands. A lot is required to gain trust. You must have portrayed yourself as a trustworthy person before you can build connections that benefit you.

The same applies to Link building.

Ask any blogger around what they need most in their website, they’ll surely say it’s earning valuable links that can drive massive traffic to their site.

They must have tried other tools for SEO while neglecting the little things that matter.

Building relationships and earning trust comes first before building links and driving massive traffic. Building trust with your audience is an important element for link building.

Relationship building is the new link building. Over time it has been proven that the best backlinks are a link from a site with high authority i.e. with a high Google ranking. 

And how do you get a site with that much authority to post your link, it’s by building a relationship based on trust.

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So when you build trust, you automatically build authority for your site too.

This article will teach oxidation how to go about building trust with the right audience/fellow brand in your niche.

1. Refocus on Creating Link-Worthy Content

How does it feel, to own a site where users have no choice but to return to it because they always have answers to their questions and problems?

Feels good right?

Yes, it does feel good but it is not an easy task to pull off.

That’s because the knowledge of writing content can earn valuable links and ranks high in search engine optimization.

How do you write high-quality links worthy content?

Consider this and practice these few, practice them and soon you’d be writing really good contents.

  • Choose a topic that catches readers attention.
  • Make use of keywords.
  • Keep in my the goal you want your brand to achieve and work towards it.
  • Invest resources in writing quality contents by making wide research.  Good content draws in a lot of traffic but it requires a lot of hard work and creativity. When writing quality contents there are specific requirements your contents must answer to. Like:
  • How relevant are your contents to your audience
  • It must contain updated information garnished with references from credible sources.
  • It must be unique and original
  • It must be interactive and engage your audience

2. Respond, Engage, Interact

Earning your audience’s trust is not only done by writing and sharing quality contents.

Although your contents might be interactive because that’s what made them read your post till the end and comment. But you must be interactive as well. Don’t ignore your audience comment. Show that their interest in your post also interests you. 

If you’re only interested in posting contents and expecting traffic from the audience you’re not interacting with, then you are walking the wrong path.

Instead respond, engage and interact with your audience.

Not only your audience but remember you also need the help of other brands in your niche, so comment on their contents and blogs too. 

Engage in meaningful discussions and maintain an active social profile.

Also remember to like, share and retweet comments. This has a way of endearing your audience.

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3. Show You’re a Real Person

People like to attach a face to a source of motivation or inspiration ( if you already have a reputation for writing good contents).

Technology has advanced over the years that now they write contents too. So people like to know the writers of contents that connect with them on a human level.

Showing you’re a person goes beyond replying to comments, you need to let your audience know as much information as is convenient for you to release. This is a slow process of building trust but it’s worth it.

Ways to do this can be as simple as including a photo of you on your page, maintaining an active social presence, and engaging with people online.

As it was stated earlier in this article. Offline relationship matters also. Because people you know and keep good relationships with, will root for your brand and this will increase your chances of earning links.

4. Make Sure Markers of Trust Are All Over Your Website

There are certain markers you take note of when viewing other contents that make you conclude that a website is trustworthy. Those are the same markers that you should fill your site with.

These factors are important for building a trustworthy relationship with your audience.

The following are factors you should look out for when creating content. Factors like:

  • The Design quality – the design quality of your site must be top-notch.
  • Upfront disclosure – customers value nothing less than transparency and openness on your part about anything that affects them.
  • Comprehensive and quality content– this has been explained earlier in creating trustworthy content.
  • Connection to the rest of the web– This is where quality internal links come in. Internal Link is a link that directs customers to more pages within your site.

5. Link to Other Trusted Sources in Your Content

I’d you’re looking to earn quality links, then this point should not be overlooked. Link out to trusted sources.

If users see a link that provides them with credible information on your site, it makes them associate your site with other credible and trustworthy sites. Google doesn’t pay a site without a link profile any attention.

The plus side of linking sites is that it requires little or no effort but it yields great results.

Bottom line

Building relationships is not a one-day thing. It takes a lot of time and effort. Your customers’ trust isn’t lying fallow up for grabs. You have to earn it. It pleases your customers if you show interest in their activities. If you invest the same energy in building trust as link building, it earns you more links than you expect.

Another benefit of this tool is that it influences your daily life because it helps you maintain good relationships with people both online and offline.

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