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What Do You Need For A Good Press Release?

1. Newsworthy Press Release

If your content lacks a news angle, it may not likely make the press. And even if it does, it may end up in substandard outlets that would do more harm than good to your site.
Even if your content lacks the news angle that an effective press release requires, we specialize in preparing your content for this publication requirement.

2. Strategic Press release Distribution System

Perhaps, you have a newsworthy press release, but it’s handled by quack outlets, there’s a high tendency for them to mess things up.
As a business owner, have you ever wondered what exactly big companies use to guarantee marketing results each and every single time? The kind of results that make them a TON of money in sales revenue?
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So What Exactly Do These Big Companies Use To Get Such Massive Results in the SERPs Then?

Most people don’t know what “big companies” do to market their business.
It’s like an insider’s secret that most people never get to learn about…
Some people even assume that these big companies have money to throw around.
That they just throw money at the wall and hope some of it sticks. Well, that’s only partly true…

If You Could Leverage The Exact Same Source This Big Companies Use and Get The Same Type Of Results… How Would Your Business Change?

Well, I’m going to reveal to you exactly how it’s done further down this page.
But before you start scrolling, let me just show you a few things here…

Traffic Stats Of Some PR Sites

More Traffic Stats of Press Release Sites

Are These Some Of The Things That You’re Struggling With Right Now?

  1. You’re looking for a fail-proof way to get results for your business but still haven’t found your perfect guy (or maybe you’ve been let down in the past)
  2. You need a powerful and proven strategy that actually WORKS!
  3. You need it to start working as soon as possible!

Taking Your Brand or Business News To Your Target Audience

Continuous advertisement of your brand is something you can’t ignore. Television ads require a very big budget while traditional print ads in a trade or national publications provide exposure but come at a big price rate. So, what is the most cost-effective way to adequately promote your business or brand ideas and still get maximum exposure using a minimum budget?

Marketing On A Limited Budget

For every tight-budget business that really wants to see growth must leverage the power of press releases to promote their product or ideas to the online community and receive a massive Ranking Boost.

You can leverage the power of using journalists to boost your brand online presence through press releases of your products or ideas.

What Do You Gain If We Handle Your Press Release?

1. Publication In Top News Outlets

We guarantee that you’ll see your Press Release published on top news outlets such as Google News, Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Morning Star, Big News Networks, PR Insider, Associated Press News (APNews), and other premium news outlets.

2. Reach Your Target Audience

Why waste hefty bucks on traditional ads when you can reach your target audience on their mobile. More than one-third of business conversions (sales or calls) come from mobile users. Why not take advantage of this opportunity to attract more growth to your business?

3. Budget-Friendly Online Marketing

Our Press Release service is effective in promoting your business because you don’t need to pay for any kind of paid ads.
We develop newsworthy contents that we distribute to top journalists to publish on their outlet.

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When you publish press releases on reputable outlets, they’ll be seen by journalists, bloggers, and consumers. This exposure brings your brand, products, and team to limelight. When your press release is in the limelight, it attracts more reposts and this gives your website more credibility in Google’s sight and you’ll be rewarded with extra link juice.

Only professional press release outlets. Quacks may come with a cheap price, giving you mouth-watering offers but you should be careful. Buying from them can damage your site’s reputation. They could get spammy links pointing to your website.

Apart from carefully crafting your content and ensuring they are newsworthy, we have an effective distribution channel. And if you buy this service, you would be staking your money with the best.

Press Release Packages 2

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More Reasons Why You Should Entrust Your Press Release campaign to Authority Guest Post

  • Attractive headliners
  • Captivating contents: A press release is useless if people won’t read it till the end. Our native English writers craft your contents in an engaging manner. They infuse the necessary newsworthy element to make your contents sail through to be published by top media outlets.
  • SEO Optimized Contents
  • Relevant hyperlinks
  • PRs are published in relevant niche sites
  • Detailed report
  • Standard White Hat Practices
  • Syndicated on NIE: NIE means News Information Engine. It is used by millions of editors, journalists and media stakeholders to track and break news
  • You are still the boss: We understand you could operate a busy schedule, so we assign our in-house press release writers to collaborate with you to get your preferences. You review every press release before we distribute them.
  • Gain wider reputation
  • Confidently use “As seen on” your site

Who Needs A Press Release Service?

You NEED this service, if you fall under any of the following categories:

  • SEO Agencies
  • E-Commerce
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Amazon Sellers Corporate Clients

Ready to Use Our Press Release Service to Beat Your Competitors / Boost your Website Rankings?

Using a professional PR service like ours will get your brand the best coverage you won’t find anywhere else on.

  • Detailed Targeting: In order to achieve detailed targeting, we’ll share your PR with the journalists, editors, and media sites via their contact email addresses only.
  • Massive Exposure in Top Social Media Community: We’ll also share your press release on top social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Keyword Optimization: We’ll optimize your business keywords for maximum visibility in major search engines.
  • Google-centric: We’ll make sure your press release gets published on Google news to attract massive traffic and increase your website ranking in all major search engines.
  • Your business will gain a wider reputation…
  • Boost your SERP positively…
  • Finally, you can confidently use “AS SEEN ON” your website(s).

Packages & Pricing

2x revisions
Our expert PR Team will write a newsworthy Press Release, which will be distributed to


$85 Per PR Package

Distribution up to AZcentral, Digital Journal, MarketWatch, and 250-400 other news sites Like FOX affiliated sites, with link indexing. (100% GUARANTEED).


$265 Per PR Package

Distribution to Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance and Digital Journal, Distribution to 110+ Bonus sites…Google News, Yahoo and Bing search engines with link indexing. (100% GUARANTEED)


$465 Per PR Package

A well written 500 words Newsworthy Press Release (Free) Distribution to Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Morning Star, Big News Network, APNews, Azcentral and Digital Journal
Distribution to 110+ Bonus sites…Google News, Yahoo and Bing search engines with link indexing. (100% GUARANTEED)

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