Podcast Link Building: Gain Links by Being a Guest on Podcasts

Podcast Link Building: Gain Links by Being a Guest on Podcasts
20Jul, 2021

Podcast Link Building: Gain Links by Being a Guest on Podcasts

The internet hosts millions of people that need your services and products.

So if you’re not getting your desired traffic, it means there’s a problem somewhere right?

One of the best ways to establish your presence online is by link building. But link building is one thing, using the right tools for Link building is a different ball game entirely.

With the help of technology, marketing can be influenced by not only content writing, but other means like social media and podcasts, which is our main focus.

You might be wondering, how is it possible to gain links by using podcasts?

Hosting your podcast or being a guest on other podcasts prove to be an effective way to earn quality links.

Podcasts don’t just revolve around speaking to an audience only, when properly and effectively used, podcasts can serve as a tool to earn massive backlinks and ranking high on SEO rankings. Speak of killing two birds with one stone.

Podcasts can drive massive traffic to your site. Because when you deliver quality content on a podcast, people will search for your company’s name to get more information.

There are different platforms where you can upload your podcasts free of charge. You can easily advertise your podcast on your website or other websites and also on other podcasts.

This comes with two main benefits:

The website hosting the podcast will usually Link back to their guest website from the podcast episode. And the guest also Link back to the host website. 

It is observable here that either owning a podcast or being a guest on other podcasts can earn quality links.

Without further ado, let’s consider how to earn valuable links through hosting your podcasts or being a guest on a podcast.

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How To Earn Links With Podcast Link Building

1. Hosting your podcast

As I explained earlier, one of the best ways to establish an online presence is by owning a podcast. By doing this, your name is open to a wider range of audience.

It also helps in creating a connection between you and people in your specific niche and customers alike.

Owning a podcast is not as hard as you imagine. You just need to meet basic requirements such as getting simple recording equipment for starters.

Engaging your Audience with the right topic is one major factor to note.

If you want your podcast to achieve its main aim which is earning backlinks, you must present your Audience with topics that catch their interest.

This can be done in either the monologue form or the interviewing form.

While the monologue form is good, the interviewing form is better.

Interviewing someone or bringing aboard a co-host seems like a better option as against the monologue format where you hold a conversation with yourself which is somehow weird?

When you interview a co-host, they’ll link to their episode as soon it’s live. You can also encourage them to ask their audience to Link to it too.

Regardless of whatever format you choose, the goal is to deliver original and quality contents to your audience.

To host  is also a plus, you can advertise for different brands and websites. This can make up for the expenses used in setting up your podcasts.

2. Be a Guest on Other Podcasts

You don’t necessarily have to host a podcast before you can enjoy the benefits that comes with podcasting.

Being a guest on other podcasts is an avenue to establish an online presence. This also serves as an opportunity to use podcasting as a tool if you can’t afford the expenses of owning your own. 

Additionally, it gives you an insight into how podcasting works or eventually you want to set up yours. This will help you avoid mistakes that’s common among beginners.

Also, as a guest on a podcast, your main aim is to earn links, but do not get carried away by this prospect as it may do more harm than good.

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This means that you speak less of yourself and you focus more on giving out precise and concise information from your wealth of knowledge. 

That’s why it is also important to be a guest on podcasts to your industry or niche.

How do you guest on podcasts?

Sometimes, you can be invited by the host and other times, you have to reach out to them. 

You can also employ podcast booking services. 

This works faster in connecting you with the right podcast and with the right audience.

This can facilitate your link building process because the host can include information about your site. 

They can even share on their social media. It’s normal for hosts to include some information in the show notes that will include your information, your website and even a social media account or two.  

They will also share it on social media, links to your site. All of these links will help in fulfilling your SEO high ranking dreams.

Bottom line

Podcast Link building is a great way to build backlinks, but many people have given up on this probably because they were turned down once or twice. This is normal because one of the requirements of being a guest blogger is having a strong resolve. 

Being a guest on a podcast especially in your niche, you automatically have contact with an audience who already listens to the podcast. It also packs a lot of benefits that other SEO tools do not. Benefits like:

  • A shareable content
  • There’s a reduced workload because you are the guest.
  • You can build your credibility and establish a strong online presence ( if your contents are Worth it is salt)
  • It is much easier than writing guest posts

You could begin enjoying the benefits of being a guest on a podcast within a short period depending on your conducts and mode of delivery.

And as more people recognize your brand, your website will generate more traffic and increase your chances of being ranked high in SEO.

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