Partnership Marketing: How to to Build Links & Visibility

Partnership Marketing: How to to Build Links & Visibility
15Jul, 2021

Partnership Marketing: How to to Build Links & Visibility

Link building requires a lot of techniques and to ensure effectiveness you need to incorporate some new arrivals on the web.

Of those new arrivals is partnership marketing. What does this entail?

Partnership marketing or co-marketing is a situation whereby one brand teams up with another sharing related audience and work together to promote products or services.

One typical example of partnership marketing that shook the web was in 2019 when Coors Light and National Geographic teamed up to reach 10 million people consequently, increasing Coors brand favorability by nearly 7%.

Also that same year, Buffer and Social Chain developed a report together and it gained a massive download page of 17,000 in just one week.

This rate was higher than the average for either site. These cited examples are just to show that partnership marketing works in building links and visibility.

The need for a partnership marketing strategy occurs when one brand can attain its goals more effectively by influencing the corresponding stability of another alliance pursuing a similar audience.

Partnership marketing falls into the category of new arrivals on the web that is attracting attention as well as popularity.

I would advise that you do not overlook the efficiency of partnership marketing if you want to do well in your niche.

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What exactly is the gain of using partnership marketing, you may ask?

Foremost, partnership marketing helps to improve the brand’s visibility, thereby allowing the number of traffic to grow significantly.

Also, partnership marketing can help when you are seeking to improve the sales of your products and services. It will ensure that what you offer is marketed to the targeted audience.

What you need to understand is that partnership marketing is not an option for the various marketing strategies. Rather, this type of marketing activity is complimentary.

There have to be mutual benefits between both brands that can bring about the development of both.

Partnership marketing is a frequently overlooked technique but it has proven to be the best marketing and SEO tool.

In this article, you discover more about partnership marketing, its benefits, and how you can get the most out of it.

Types Of Partnership Marketing

Majorly, there are 10 types of partnerships marketing and they include:

  • Distribution marketing partnerships.
  • Added-value marketing partnerships.
  • Affinity marketing programs.
  • Affiliate marketing networks.
  • Content marketing programs.
  • Sponsorship marketing.
  • Licensing programs.
  • Loyalty marketing programs.
  • Co-marketing.
  • Co-branding.

The kind of partnership marketing that you seek to incorporate must suit the needs of both parties to achieve the aim of the union.

How to Get Started with Partnership Marketing

As opposed to popular misconception, partnership marketing is quite easy and requires lesser effort.

You don’t have to go to the extreme before you discover the right partner that can help the growth of your brand.

All you need to know are the major ways on how you can effectively start partnership marketing.

And this section provides just that!

This section talks explicitly about how you can start partnership marketing in a way that would be productive to you.

Without any further delay, let’s delve into the ways on how you can start partnership marketing.

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Reciprocal Guest Posts for partnership marketing

One simple and easy method of getting the full benefits of SEO through partnership marketing is to write guest content for the blogs on each of your sites.

Relevant links that will facilitate the movement of your sites’ ranking to the top and also make your content visible to the audience should be incorporated.

Also, those relevant links should follow your partner’s content, either by reading the blog directly or seeing the links when they share the content on their social media.

Ensure that you make adequate research on the keywords and create a column on your partner’s website that can top-rank in search engines for your target audience.

And the best way you can do this is by using a Barnacle SEO approach that will help to maximise the effect of your content.

With the Barnacle SEO approach combined with similar contents on your site you’d see that in no time, you will start to dominate the search results in your niche.

Partnership marketing tip: mention one another on different websites

Co-marketing entails that both parties incorporate their links on their websites.

You should try to mention your partner on your website also, they should mention you too.

This is a way of quickly improving your ratings as well as sales of products and services.

Incorporate email marketing in your partnership strategy

You should also incorporate email marketing in your partnership with another brand.

There can be an existing email list that you don’t engage with, or you might have experts who are constantly helping you to contact your list.

Either way, you can use email marketing to introduce your partner and this will be extremely beneficial.

Plus it is an easy process as it entails sharing a piece of the content already developed. 

It could also be more direct sales related whereby you recommend your partner’s services on your site.

Anyway, an active email list can be one of the most useful ways to promote your partner’s brand 

Co-create an Ebook with partners to benefit both brands

Developing an Ebook alongside your partner is another effective way that you can benefit from partnership marketing.

When you create an attractive and appealing Ebook, it can help both brands to attract a much more detailed set of your target audience.

It is crucial that the end product’s quality is extremely high and holds up incisive content for both you and your partner. 

Also, it is essential to have an interesting story behind why you’ve developed the Ebook together initially.

Run a webinar with your partners to co-promote

More so, running a webinar is an incredible technique to draw fame to both businesses in the partnership and allow you to bring some personality to the fore with a captive audience.

For the webinar technique to function well, your partner’s contribution must align with yours.

Run events with your marketing partners to get in front of one another’s audience

If you and your partner can take things off the web and bring it directly to the targeted audience, there would be a greater awareness and this will be of great help to both brands.

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