16 Link Building Checklist to Earn More & Better Links

A Link Building Checklist to Earn More & Better Links
18Jul, 2021

16 Link Building Checklist to Earn More & Better Links

It cannot be stressed enough that to rank high on Google search engine results pages, you need good content and you need quality backlinks.

There are no two ways about it.

Links are so important that many people seek bad ways of getting them. So they accommodate bad links on their site. And what Google does when it finds out is to sanction them.

But for some, they are seeking the best SEO tool they 

can be used to assist them in their link building process.

Little wonder they still go-ahead to use spammy and manipulative methods that end them with bad links.

Forgetting that links are not about quantity but quality.

But the link building process is away longer than that, it requires patience, commitment, consistency and building a trustworthy relationship with your brand and partners.

Answer these questions to know if this article is for you;

Do you experience low traffic on your site?

Are you dropping drastically from your ranking on search engine results pages?

Do you strongly desire that you earn valuable links and massive traffic to your site, but you don’t know how to go about it?

If your answer to the question above is yes, then continue reading.

This article will explain with lucid elucidation what to do to earn those links.

You’ll want to pay attention, Knowing quite alright that quality links lead increases the authority of your site.

Quality links help you rank high on SEO.

Quality links are the major backbone of a high ranking SEO site.

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Now, let’s run through some proven tactics that can earn you nothing but quality links.

With this, you’d be ticking off tried and successful link building of your link building checklist while enjoying quality links and driving massive traffic to your site.

1. Do Not Pass Go Without Technical SEO

Before we proceed with the explanation of this process, I’d like you to understand some facts.

Google will never rank a website with bad and poorly built links high and a website cannot rank high on SERPs based on backlinks alone. These are facts.

Having a quality website is one thing, accommodating bad links on that same website is a different ball game.

But Google will not rank any website with bad links.

So what should you do?

Clean up your website! Make it interactive and earn high-quality links the right way.

Do your part diligently and wait patiently for your hard work to pay off.

You’d surely get those backlinks if you meet these requirements. And if your contents are top-notch, and your website is of high-quality, you’d leave other websites no choice but to link back to you.

2. Breakdown of link building activities

This part will explain to you how to keep track of your progress in your link building process. It will show you the task to carry out that can help your link building process.

3. Quarterly

Below is the link building task you can make sure you complete monthly:

4. Backlink audit

You can intentionally carry out a manual review of your sites. Simply bring them out from Google console. Taking out the not important links, low-quality links and dumping them in your disavow file.

5. Update Disavow List

Reviewing your disavow file keeps you updated on when to remove bad sites and links or when to add more relevant links to the list.

6. Competitor Backlink Analysis

It’s safe to review the backlink data of maybe the top three competitors of your brand. Analyse the data and come up with a list that would be good for your clients.

7. Monthly

This part explains the link building task you should carry out monthly:

8. Email Outreach

For every month, aim to pitch your emails to different new sites. They may not be too much but pitching to at least 10 new sites monthly is appropriate. Do not leave out email websites that you’ve mentioned or linked to your articles. Also include emails of websites that mentioned or include you in their websites too. It doesn’t hurt for you to write to them again.

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9. Brand Mention Monitoring

Set-up Google Alerts or mention tracking to review competitor mentions, brand mentions, and even your CEO’s mentions are a good place to start.

10. Guest Posting

Guest posting is writing as a guest on a host website. Writing quality contents can earn you valuable links. The aim is to maintain a good relationship with editors so they can be consistent in their link contribution to your site.

11. Content Syndication

Teaming up with other publishers to syndicate contents is a good idea. You join other editors and publishers to work on the content that you wrote is a  great way to gain links.

12. Testimonials & Reviews

Simply commenting and giving reviews about other brands that are in your niche can earn you links. Giving quality reviews and posting relevant comments. This is one easy way to earn links.

13. Directories

Directories are also a good way to can links. Understanding how to go about it is the key. Staying consistent with your updated information which consists of your Name, address and phone number (NAP) can earn you Links.

14. Affiliate Links

It is a way to grow affiliate links. Simply establish a good relationship with your affiliate audience. They’d happily share your link.

15. Broken Link Building

Finding a broken Link competitor link is a great way to earn links. Simply find it and build on it. But it’s not advisable to sit back all day looking for broken links. It’s just a way of taking advantage of broken links.

It is general knowledge that quality contents are a great way of promoting your brand. But going the extra mile of using ego baits or data to create quality contents that can earn you links, is still the best way for link building.

16. Charities & Events

By hosting charities and events, there’s a high chance that you’d get quality backlinks. By donating your time and money, you might get lucky with backlinks from credible sites.

Breakdown of Weekly Link Building Activities

Week 1 & 2

A Link builder will not only focus on earning backlinks, he’d also run an internal backlink audit and competitor backlink audit. To help him identify topics for link building.

Week 3

Brainstorm on creating unique contents. Then send the articles to your clients for approval.

Week 4

Find out opportunities for co-citation

Before then, build email templates for client approval

Outreach to 50 high-quality prospects.

Week 5

Just write and write.

Then get the client to review the content 

Get the client to review content.

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