How to Use Video for Link Building

How to Use Video for Link Building
15Jul, 2021

How to Use Video for Link Building

Considering the improvements in the standard of SEO, most brands are finding it difficult to maintain their rank in SEO which consequently causes a decrease in the traffic that their site amasses. 

This has been a great source of concern for business owners. Because what’s the essence of owning a digital business if you cannot get enough traffic to your site?

That’s why you find a lot of brand owners searching for the most effective way to build links and drive more traffic to their site.

But SEO has many tools, so many are often confused as to which tool will be more effective for their brands.

However, the effective power of video is not up for discussion as it has proven its effectiveness over the years.

Using videos for building links is a proven way to pique your viewer’s interest visually. This is a great way to add more contents to your marketing toolbox.

With the rising of too many competitors, many brand owners want to remain on the top of SEO ranking and so they consider using videos to create awareness about their brands.

Below are some reasons why I think videos are good for Link building

  • User-friendly content: videos are user friendly because users won’t have to think too much about content before understanding it. Visual Facilitates understanding.
  • Shareable contents: Research has proven that over 3.5 billion people use social media, and videos are shared more than any other contents.
  • Helpful contents: It is widely known that there’s hardly a problem that doesn’t have its solution on YouTube. About 65% of users turn to YouTube when seeking an answer to a problem. 
  • Visual contents: people enjoy watching videos every day. About 78% of people watch video content weekly, while 55% of people watch videos daily.

Just looking at the benefits of videos, you can see the potential of earning links through videos.

Now let’s get to the “how” of using videos to earn quality links.

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Creating videos for link building: The basics

1. Do your research/homework:

Usually, before you set out on any project, you need to plan and strategize. The same applies to making videos. You need to conduct thorough research before you make a video so you’ll have an idea of what is out there.

There are things you need to put into consideration like;

  • What video does well on the internet
  • Which videos have the potential to do well?
  • What distinguishes your video content from the rest out there?

Ensure that you do not lose focus on the goal which is to

make sure your video is accessible by a large audience.

If you don’t, there won’t be any motivation for them to share it, like it and link to it. Although there’s no 100% guarantee that your content will earn massive links but doing intense research on your competitors will increase your chances.

What this means is that you should research the type of videos and topics you’re trying to outdo. 

2. Bring something new to the table

So what is that thing that brings out the uniqueness in your video content?

Your ordinary imagination cannot give that unique quality touch to your contents. Originality and uniqueness will always be a founding element for building links. 

There’s a probability that whatever you are about to do, someone somewhere has done it. So you need to stretch your imagination to its limit to come up with quality, original and unique content.

Here’s a scenario; If you’re marketing car maintenance services, and you discover that there are a lot of videos about car maintenance online, you could do something different like making a video of you offering maintenance services in different parts of the country. A video of maintaining different cars. Just do something different, you get the drill. 

Always think about the quality of the video such as the lighting and sounds. If people can hardly see you or hear you, they’ll not want to waste their time watching you.

After you’ve done your research, focus on creating unique and original content.

There are different types of videos that can help you build links to your sites. Let’s study an example:

Video infographics

By combining both infographics and video graphics in a video, you’re bound to keep your audience engaged. And this can earn you some links!

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3. Embed Your Video on Your Landing Page

The beauty of using videos on your landing page is that it doesn’t only earn you links; it also helps increase traffic and it gives the users value for their time. Why, because;

  • Videos keep your customers engaged and keep them on your page for longer.
  • Embedding your video on your landing page can increase your traffic up to 86%
  • Videos are the most sought after types of visual media.

All these and some other benefits of including a video on your landing page.

4. Promote your video

You will not automatically begin to earn links just because you created quality contents. You need to promote your contents if you want to expose it to a larger audience and start driving Links. Here are a few tips on how to go about that:

  • You can start a paid promotion for your contents
  • Start a paid video ad campaign
  • Put your contents on your brand’s website
  • Put your contents on your brand’s social media
  • Optimize your video so that mobile users can access it.
  • SEO optimize your video

Bottom line

All the methods to apply videos as a link building tool has been shown to you. Now you need to make good use of them if you still want to build those Links and boost traffic to your site. 

There’s no 100% guarantee that it will yield immediate results. But this is when you have to exercise patience. Don’t give up just because you are not seeing immediate results.

But once you’re consistent in using this method, within a short while, you’ll watch your site getting backlinks and an increase in traffic.

I hope this article has been able to convince you that getting backlinks is not as hard as it seems. It’s easy if you set your mind to it.

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