How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic

How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic
15Jul, 2021

How to Use Trending Topics to Build Links & Boost Traffic

If you’re looking to try out an SEO tool that can boost traffic on your site and help you rank high on search engine results pages, you’re on the right page. This is complete guide on how to use trending topics to build links & boost traffic of your website.

Many website owners show concern about the low turnout of traffic on their site. Consequently, they are not able to rank as high in SEO as they desire.

This is the 21st century, and almost every technology user is on the internet every day. So why does your site not attract traffic, could it be that your topics are not attractive enough?

Think about this. When your topics are catchy and trending, tell me who wouldn’t want to click on your site to know the next big thing that’s going on?

That being said, it’s not just about using trending topics too, you must be able to deliver quality content. So that when your topic attracts them, your content engages them. 

With these two tips there’s a high possibility that within a short period, you start to enjoy a boost in the traffic to your site and attract quality links.

However, you might be feeling not so confident about your creative ability, or about how your niche isn’t an interesting one and can’t generate trending topics for you to write on. 

If you’re on this train, this article is here to help you disembark from it as ways to explore this SEO tool would be explained in detail. 

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The only impediment to using this tool is how well you can use your imagination.

Below is a lucid elucidation on the 4 ways to go about using trending topics for earning quality links and boosting traffic on your site.

1. Keep up with the times

Sitting at a corner, in front of your laptop, waiting for the next trending news to fall on your table, is not a good enough way to keep up with the times.

By the time the “trending news” eventually comes, it might be too late to write an article that trends on it because there’d have been tons of articles on that topic.

That’s why you need to go the extra mile to stay ahead of trends. There are tools you can exploit for this purpose. You can try out tools like;

  • Google trends– This is one of the best tools to keep up with trending topics. You can get access to the tool rising searches to your keyword. 

Then you can go ahead to narrow down your research according to date, time and region. You can use this tool to know the topics that are trending in your niche and also to keep track of the increase in traffic for a particular topic.

  • Facebook– This is indeed a social media app, but it can be used for more than just texting friends and sharing our thoughts. 

It can also be used to keep track of popular hashtags in your niche. Join groups that are relevant to your niche and follow up on what your audience is discussing.

  • Twitter– is an online community where you can find news about anything ranging from entertainment to about anything even information about your niche.
  • Reddit– although this tool isn’t given much value. But it can be used for finding trending contents.

2. Look out for opportunities

Once you have listed down your ideas about the latest trend, then you can be on the lookout for opportunities to create unique contents. The post you create should not be a chip off other articles.

But start with what you already know.

Below are some things to consider when looking out for opportunities

  • Is there any missing information on any current trend that is missing? Can you offer the full piece of information?
  • Knowing what it is that piques the interest of your audience. Sometimes you can just ask what they want and you create content about that
  • Keeping track of your competitors trends. If they’re relevant, then you should be making content about that too. But it should be all about you.
  • Sometimes, dig up contents from the past and rewrite it with a modern touch.
  • Don’t write on a topic that is unrelated to your brand because of its trend. Focus on what brings links to your site.

Understanding what your audience wants will structure your contents on any trending topic.

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3. Develop shareable engaging contents

Writing quality contents remains the best tool in SEO marketing. So the more interactive and engaging your contents is, the more share it gets and consequently boosts your site’s traffic.

Here’s how to develop quality, shareable and engaging contents.

  • Choose the best format- While the most common contents seem to be mostly blog posts, you can decide to get creative by sharing the same information in form of a short video or cartoon forms. 

This is a trending issue and your consumers need to get information fast. The faster they understand the information, the higher the possibilities of sharing it.

  • Aim for a wider audience– Alongside creating quality contents, it is important to target a wider audience. The aim is to get your contents to a wider audience so that you can generate more traffic and attract links.
  • Visualize your contents too by adding visuals like images, videos, infographics and anything that can capture your audience’s attention.
  • Optimize your contents for search engines–search for keywords and structure your contents according to them.
  • Optimize your contents for sharing–make it easier for your audience to share your contacts as they wish by making the share buttons visible on your site.

4. Repurposing across all possible platforms

Simply posting your contents on a single platform won’t earn you your desired Links and boost your traffic. Here are a few tips on how to target a larger audience;

  • Display images of your articles on your story.
  • Convert your written articles into video slides and post them on YouTube
  • Use Facebook Live, or Instagram live and talk about the trending topics.
  • Use email outreach to build links and boost traffic.
  • Ask people in your contacts to share your post

The list goes on and on but the idea is to target a larger audience.

Bottom line

Since users are always seeking updates on trending topics, it is left to you to feed them with the information they need.

Creating quality content on trending topics will expose your site to a larger audience, boost the traffic of your site and consequently cause your sites to rank high in SEO because of the sharing of your post.

This guide on how to use trending topics to build links & boost traffic when used effectively is capable of meeting your needs of boosting traffic to your site and earning valuable links.

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