How to Use Relevant, Targeted Directories for Link Building

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How to Use Relevant, Targeted Directories for Link Building
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How to Use Relevant, Targeted Directories for Link Building

Concerned about getting backlinks on your website? 

Or are you getting some but you’re not getting enough?

Well here’s another strategy by which you can earn valuable backlinks.

When you hear the word directories, what comes to mind?

A book or a website listing individuals or organizations in alphabetical or thematic order with details such as names, addresses, and phone numbers.

You’re right! So how does this relate to building links?

Online directories, also known as business directory or business listing lists businesses in a particular category, niche or specific location.

When you enlist the help of online directories, you’re creating an avenue for your business presence online.

As a business, your target is to gain customers, especially now that things are done digitally.

You want users to find you when they perform an online search. 

Well, online directories can help create a connection between you and your target customers.

Do you own a physical store, like a restaurant or a Cafe and you’re wondering how to establish an online presence, you can choose local business directories ( also known as geo-targeted directed directories). 

This improves your chances of being found online based on your location.

Making use of online directories will increase your business presence online and also help your website meet its SEO goals.

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Still, confused about what online directories mean? Put simply, online directories are listings that convert your website’s URL to link form so they are easily accessible to users.

These online directories are then a certified form of getting backlinks that can rate your website high on search engine ranking. Getting listed in an online directory increases traffic to your site.

There’s a plus to using an online directory. It exposes your business to prospective customers within your industry or niche that you also provide the same services.

In addition to this, you can take advantage of these directories’ features like ratings to increase your business credibility.

 Keeping all these strategies in mind, the next step should be how to use online directories to your Link building advantage and at the same time meeting your SEO goals.

A more detailed explanation of the benefits of online directories and how they can be used to build links will be treated below

Targeted and Relevant Reach

When a person uses an online directory, it’s because they need the services of a business that can meet their shopping needs at that moment.

A directory makes it easier for consumers to access quality services.

So by having your business enlisted in a business directory, you’re opening your site to more traffic and this has a chance of increasing your sales too.

Trusted links

As earlier stated, one benefit of an online directory is that it helps you meet your SEO goals. Online directories are trusted sources and they’re practically high-ranking sites themselves.

While a lot of backlinks from different online directories may seem pleasant, you will want to pick the ones that are of importance to your business if you want it to be of SEO value.

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Some online directories like Bing Places, Yelp, and Foursquare, allow businesses to do their listing for free. 

However, it is better to add your information to a paid directory. After all, it’s all an investment for the growth of your business.

3 Ways To Find The Right Directory For Your Business

It’s not just about choosing any directory. There are many types of online directories. For example, there are general directories, business listings, local listings, and niche directories.

So choosing a directory gas type planned very carefully. Below are a few things you need to put into consideration when you’re developing your strategy:


To enjoy the benefits of online marketing to the maximum, you must target the right audience.

Do you own a Cafe?  Then don’t add your business to a listing for a flower shop.

You won’t reach the right audience and you’ll only frustrate customers, even more, when they click your link and they can’t find the information or service they need.

Choose a directory that is relevant to your business and your chances of reaching out to the right audience and also achieving your SEO goals will be greater.

Domain Authority

Domain links can be more helpful in getting an inbound link from a site with high domain authority ( but not always). 

When Search engines want to evaluate the backlinks that link back to your website, they seek relevance. 

So to enjoy the benefits of an online directory backlink, you need to pick an online directory link that is relevant to your site.

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You can find directories that are important to your niche by either finding out directories that your competitors are listed or using advanced search operators.

For the first option, you can do this by searching your competitors’ name and seeing the directories they belong to. Or you can use tools to discover their site’s backlinks.

For the second option, you can add the phrases “inurl: directory” or “intitle: directory” to your Google search, so you can be specific about the directory search. Other formats include “city + directory” (for local business listings) and “niche + directory”, among others.

The higher the domain authority of a website, the higher its chances of being ranked on SERPs.

Find the right features

Some online directories are more detailed than others, you are left to decide whether you want a simple NAP+W listing (name, address, phone, and web URL) or a listing featuring photos, reviews and ratings.

And while this information may seem very basic to you, you need to make sure that you make no mistake when entering your details. Make sure the address, the current business name is spelt out correctly. The phone number should be the company’s current one (update all information as they change). 

And in case you want to add extra contact information like your email address, choose your business’ domain email. This is because email addresses show more credibility to customers as opposed to generic ones.  

Listing your business with added features subsequently increases your profile credibility and increases the chances of visitors clicking your links.

Stay Consistent

Make sure you maintain consistency in whichever online directory you choose.

If you’ve listed your business in more than one very likely directory, ensure that the information does not differ. Make sure they are accurate and consistent.

While it is possible to be distracted y other fancy marketing trends, you must list your business in the only directory that is relevant to your business.

Bottom line

Link building is one major strategy that every business hopes to achieve.

Despite the ever-increasing standard of SEO, there are some proven ways to build links such as using online directories. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is your chance to earn valuable links and establish an online presence at the same time.

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