How to Use Guest Posting for Natural Link Building

How to Use Guest Blogging for Natural Link Building
20Jul, 2021

How to Use Guest Posting for Natural Link Building

In recent years, the power of guest posting has been undermined. For different reasons, many seem to be of the opinion that guest blogging is dead.

But is guest posting really dead?

Does guest posting work for those who approach it with brilliant tactics and strategies?

Yes! It works. If planned and executed properly, guest posting still remains one of the best strategies for Link building.

Before we conclude whether guest posting is dead or not, let’s understand the meaning of guest blogging.

Guest posting refers to the act of writing or posting contents on another company’s website in collaboration with the authors and service provider usually within the same industry or niche with you.

Reasons Why People Engage in Guest Posting

Attract traffic to their site

Guest posting is a great tool for attracting traffic to your site. 

When you write or post quality content on a well known blog, it connects your name with the prestigious author of that blog, it gives people the chance to want to know just how much quality content you can deliver. 

Consequently they Link to you to get more of what piqued their interest in the first place.

Easier sales process

One major challenge of owning any type of business is the period of waiting for prospective customers to discover your website and read your contents on your services and product. 

With guest posting, it becomes easier to get traffic to a website as it gives your website a higher level of exposure. This automatically shortens your waiting process.

Increase their brand awareness and credibility

For every digital business, it is important that their brand is visible to likely and unlikely customers alike. 

Guest posting allows you to stay visible at all times. The more sites you write for, the more popular you become and the more people will want to Link back to you.

However it is inadvisable to write for sites with lower DA as this can affect your credibility.

Increasing the visibility of your brand is crucial in every industry out there. It doesn’t matter what line of work you are in, you want people to know about you.

To achieve this, most companies are organizing conferences, visiting business conventions and similar professional events, and communicating with their customers on a regular basis. 

The case is the same when it comes to digital marketing. However, in this industry, guest blogging is a tool that helps you stay visible. It’s simple – the more sites you write for, the more people will know about you. 

However, it’s important not to be hasty. You don’t want to write for websites with lower DA because this can be bad for your credibility. 

This guest posting process creates a kind of partnership that allows for new and quality contents.

Build relationships with peers in their industry

Guest blogging builds a relationship between the hosting site and the guest blogger. 

You can write guest posts and at the same time host another guest on your site. It encourages healthy competition.

How to Use Guest Posting for Natural Link Building

It’s not just about writing contents for any popular content. It’s about going about it the right way. The reason why many people still hold the opinion that guest blogging is dead is probably because they’ve been going about it the wrong way.

So what’s the right way to go about it? Come with me:

1. Be selective about where to pitch

One good site is better than a hundred bad sites. Here’s a simple hack to know what site is right for you:

  • Choose a site in the same industry or niche: This is a very crucial point to note. Focussing on the popularity and not on the relationship of a site to yours can render you little or no help.

 How do you expect to earn backlinks when you own a restaurant and you’re writing on a site that sells flowers? Choose a site that has the same audience you are targeting.

  • Review the site’s performance: Another way to go about guest posting for backlinks is to review a site performance. Abstain from any site that wants you to post as “ghost writer”. It’ll do you no good if after writing excellently, you don’t get backlinks to your site.

2. Craft a Pitch that’s Impossible to Ignore

It might seem hard to get the attention of the editor of a popular website. But if effectively done, no editor can ignore you.

Here are some guidelines to get into a prestigious site.

  • Do your research
  • Address your letter to a person instead of the website
  • Be direct
  • Let the editor or owner know about you.
  • Don’t ignore the guidelines for pitching

3. Write a Guest Post That’ll Have Readers Flocking to Your Site

 Write quality contents that will leave readers thirsty for me. It’s not easy but it has to be done. Don’t write content that will disinterest readers.

Here are some guidelines that will help you create a connection between you and your readers

  • Know what your audience needs
  • Focus on readability
  • Go in depth with your contents
  • Use catchy headlines
  • Back up your content with credible sources and data.
  • Use visuals: This is very important 

4. Funnel Your Readers to an Outcome

When you guest post, there’ll be an avenue for you to add a link in your biography section. While it might seem pleasant to do that, don’t. 

Rather, think carefully of the outcome you want to achieve through the Link. Choose the best way you can make your product or services available to them. Then Link to the page that gives you that outcome.

5. Reply to Comments on Your Post

Don’t ignore comments! Guest posting is not about putting out a content and leaving it there to rot.

It’s about following it up, getting reviews and engaging people on a personal level.

So, when there’s a comment on your post, reply to them and answer their questions. By doing so, you’ll leave a good impression of yourself on their minds and they’d want to Link to your page to get more information.

Bottom Line

SEO continues to change and improve their standard. So guest blogging to some is no longer effective. But that’s because they don’t approach it the right way. 

Guest posting when effectively carried out, benefits search engines, consumers and businesses alike.

To be distinct, you have to use a distinct strategy. 

Write contents that distinguish you, write contents that don’t tarnish the image host website.

When you do that, you leave no choice but to partner with you and grow your brand. Guest posting is really a natural to build links.

Guest posting is not dead!

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