How To Turn Unlinked Brand Mentions Into Links

How To Turn Unlinked Brand Mentions Into Links
26Apr, 2021

How To Turn Unlinked Brand Mentions Into Links

Having your brand mentioned in someone else’s blog or service post without your link present to direct potential respondents is disheartening.

This is because when your brand is cited in that post, the recognition of your trademark stops there, without any advancement to know more about what you offer.

Backlinks are essential to the growth of your brand, whether you’re an established one or upcoming.

When you create valuable contents, but the due recognition isn’t accorded back to you, then what you need is a backlink on any website that publishes your brand in their contents.

You might have potential respondents who seek to know more about your brand’s services on another published site, but the link isn’t present to direct them to your website.

Therefore, you need to reach out to those published sites and request that your link be posted where your brand is cited in the posts.

In this article, there are four explicitly stated ways in which you can turn linkless mentions of your brand into links.

You are having in mind that the recognition of your brand through links from higher ranking publications will give credibility and authority to your website.

And for this reason, you must take action when you see a mention of your brand that doesn’t link back to you.

Your brand was mentioned in that published site because they consider the services you render valuable and critical to the post.

The published site seeks to share this value it finds with its audience but fails to acknowledge you fully; instead, they mention your brand.

This act puts you in the advantageous stance to request that your link be published where your brand is cited.

Without any further delay, let’s see the ways by which you can turn unlinked mentions of your brand and reach out to the publisher to generate a high-value backlink.

Steps-By-Step Techniques For Link Building 

Moving on, in this section, I’ll be discussing the step-by-step procedure that you can incorporate to ensure that your link finds its place in that published site.

  1. Research

The Internet is a big community that houses a whole lot of websites owned by various persons.

And due to this relationship, people are dependent on others to grow their brands.

This prompts people to mention a favourite brand in their published post, while their favourite brand needs more than just mentions.

When you feel your brand appears in many published posts, and you desire to fix your link where your brand is mentioned, you first conduct research.

You can use various tools like SEMrush and BuzzSumo to scan the Internet for unlinked mentions of your brand thoroughly.

Your aim here is to find all the links that will add value, credibility and authority to your website.

When scanning, you ensure that all variations of your trademark are searched for (e.g. SugarRushMedia, SRM, Sugar Rush Media).

This will ensure that no mentions of your brand skip the scan.

When searching for the brand name, you should also look out for branded assets, products and tools.

As weird as it sounds, searches for your name also. There may be cases where your name is mentioned without any link to your brand.

One thing the search engine can’t raise from its search is misspelt brand name. So, you think of alternative spellings of your brand’s name and search.

Once the scanning is complete, you should have a list full of mentions, especially if you’re an established brand.

You rate the research using tools, such as Moz, Majestic, and Ahrefs, to know which unlinked mentions have the highest SEO or PR value and are worth the outreach.

  1. Find Contact Information

Next, you need to contact the person in charge of the published post with your brand mentioned, without your link.

And who else is best to contact than the site’s webmaster?

When you notice that the published post includes a lot of external links, yet yours is not in sight, then you should contact the site’s webmaster.

Now, how do you obtain the contact information of the site’s webmaster?

If you’re stuck and can’t seem to find the contact information of the site’s webmaster, then you can carry out a web search for the keyword “webmaster.”

An example would be (

Know forehand that this research can produce a lot of results, most of them unimportant.

However, LinkedIn can be used to narrow down the long list and help locate the site’s webmaster.

The following contact you’d seek will be that of the content writer or the post editor; obtain their Email and talk.

Sadly, in most cases, it isn’t easy to get any of this contact information. 

You can use the general information email or standard contact form to reach the site’s owner.

  1. The Pitch

This step requires a level of convincing from you, as you have to persuade the webmaster to see why your link should appear instead of mere mentions.

You have to present reasons that would make the webmaster see that they would also gain from putting up your link in their published posts.

Just explain how adding the link will provide additional value to their audience; any reasonable webmaster would buy those ideas..

  1. Follow-up

Most often, webmasters promise to add your link to their published post, yet after a couple of days, you still won’t find it there.

Ensure that you follow up, at intervals, reminding them of your proposal.

You shouldn’t spam with Emails every day so it won’t appear as if you are bugging.

Bottom line

As you’ve seen in this article, backlinks are essential for the growth of your brand.

Backlinks do not only assure the growth of your brand but also credibility and authority to your website.

Mere mentions of your brand in a published site don’t give this. Your link has to be present in the mentions.

Averagely, the mentions give your website a certain level of recognition. However, with your link present, that recognition is more established.

This article has explicitly stated four step-by-step ways by which you can turn your unlinked brand mentions into links.

Follow up on these steps, and I assure you that in no time, you’d experience more client interaction about your brand.

Perhaps after following the steps listed in this article and it doesn’t yield much difference, you should consider rebranding.

Plus, it would help if you remembered that you must update your old links and branded anchor texts after rebranding.

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