How to Get Backlinks with Resource & Links Pages

How to Get Backlinks with Resource & Links Pages
18Jul, 2021

How to Get Backlinks with Resource & Links Pages

While it would be easier to sit back and wait all day waiting for link websites to come, ask you to allow them to host your link on their website, you know that’s a hopeless wait.

But a hopeless wait or not, not getting enough backlinks and ranking high in SEO is a great problem for any business or industry that desires success.

Every website is looking for that one way, that one SEO tool that would drive massive traffic to their site and increase their ranking on search engine research pages, (SERPs). And you’re not left out.

Link building is a vital tool for driving massive traffic and ranking high in SEO.

So if you haven’t found that tool, it’s because you have been looking in the wrong places.

If you’re on this boat, stay tuned as this article will explore one of the major tools for SEO and link building. 

Research has shown that Resource pages are second to the first great tool for building links, content creation. Why is that? Because resource pages main aim is to reach out to other sites for link building.

Unlike other tools, resource pages link building tools give you full control of your link building process.

In all, you can earn backlinks from resource pages by being the best resource on your topic. 

All that’s needed is for you to find authoritative resource pages that are related to your site, most times these authoritative resource pages are looking out for the best resource materials. 

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So you can leave a great impression on them by doing your best in creating your resource contents. As authoritative sources will only pick the best.

When you know how to navigate your way around this strategy, it becomes very easy for you to apply.

This strategy has proven to produce great results if used effectively.

Resource pages are a magnet to powerful links. In light of this, we’ll walk you through the ways by which you can use this strategy for link building.

 For better elucidation;

What Are Resource Centers & Resource Pages?

Resource center: 

This is a landing page or simply put, a category page that contains links that point to resource pages. So, instead of leaving your resource centre bland, incorporate markers like images, varied text formatting and subheadings so that the page can be easily understood.

Resource page: 

A resource page is like an avenue for the gathering of different useful and quality articles about a particular topic that are related to a website. So everyone is welcome to pitch their contents on a resource page.

Ways to get backlinks from resource pages

1. Find relevant resource pages

There are two types of resource pages

  • Tried and true– These Pages are the already established winners on competitors websites
  • Fresh and bold– This page is made to allow you to understand what is happening in your industry.

The best resource centres have elements of both types of resource pages. This ensures the uniqueness of your sites and increases the values of your site so that your chances of being found by authoritative sources will be high.

Finding the relevant resource pages should be the first step to take. Research relevant resource pages that are relevant to your niche. Narrow down the best and leave the rest.

It is important to reach out to the pages with high authority on their website. This will facilitate your quest for earning valuable backlinks and driving massive traffic to your site.

When searching for these pages, use keywords. This will make it easier to find pages that relate to your brand faster.

It is not necessarily compulsory that the sites have the highest domain, so long as they have a resource page in your Industry with high page authority.

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2. Email Outreach

This is another way to use the resource page as a link building tool.

To have a high success rate, you have to personalize some requests. Meaning that you give proof that you’re a human and not some robots.

Here’s how to prove that you’re indeed Human:

 Read the webpage: If there’s no chance that you’ll get a link, don’t bother.

Use a credible email account: Spammers tend to use Gmail. So instead, use a credible email account.

Pay attention to your subject line: Do not deviate from the specified subject that is to be used to request links.

Find the right person’s name: Addressing the site owner shows that you’ve done your research and you know what you want.

Explain the reason for your email.

Provide a good reason why they should Link to you

When you find a broken link in their site, report it to them as this may increase your chances of getting them to link to you.

State the URL their URL

State the URL you want them to send a link to.

Make a conscious effort to impress the site owner. This could facilitate your Link building process.

3. Alternative search strings

And when the two major steps to using a resource page as a link building tool don’t work, there are alternative ways apart from finding a relevant page and contacting the website owner.

So if after trying those steps, it’s still difficult to reach out to authoritative sources, then you can try adding “useful resources” in addition to the keywords. This will release a large yield of results. 

Narrow down the best and before you pitch your contents, make sure you re-evaluate what link on your site you want to send before you contact the web owner or webmaster.

Or broaden your search by removing the quotes from your keyword. This will let Google know that you’re not interested in a matching keyword

Bottom line

When considering search engine tools, do not underestimate the power of using resource pages.

Ensure to make effective use of the ways described above. Because if not effectively used, this tool might not produce desired results.

Also, put into consideration the alternative search strings. This will give you a wider range of results to find your desired resource pages.

And remember that whatever content you’d be pitching to a research page must be of high quality as this is what will distinguish you from the others. And this will increase your chances of being chosen by authoritative sites.

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