Want Links? Here’s How to Create Link Worthy Content

Want Links? Here's How to Create Link-Worthy Content
19Jul, 2021

Want Links? Here’s How to Create Link Worthy Content

There are various kinds of links parading the Internet, some conversing irrelevant traffic, others just imperfect.

For a link to be relevant, what it needs is complimentary high-quality content.

When you want to create your contents, ensure that they’re link worthy and not irrelevant to the subject matter.

There are tendencies that your targeted audience view your content as spam when it doesn’t contain relevant links.

Creating top-notch contents which can be useful, engaging, and link worthy requires a lot of commitments and investment.

Such commitments and investment that you have to sacrifice is your time, skill, and money. Regarding your skill, you invest your writing prowess in creating link worthy contents.

Also, you can hire professional content writers to help you create captivating and engaging contents.

Sadly, most people still don’t grasp the concept of link worthy contents that can drive traffic and terrific sales to one’s site.

Link worthy contents are a relevant and in most cases, natural composition of what a brand offers in an interesting and engaging form.

They can be in different types, which will be described in subsequent paragraphs.

Foremost, link worthy contents can be informational, and these kinds of compositions usually, are made up of the latest news making rounds on the internet.

Also, they can be inspirational, in the sense of helping people improve on themselves. These kinds of contents help motivate people who are going through a hard time.

Another form in which link worthy contents can come is inspirational works. These types of contents teach the audience new and relevant things that they had no idea of previously.

Lastly, we have link worthy contents that are entertaining. They’re intriguing and interesting contents that toys with the emotions of the audience, to create fear, happiness, anger, sadness or surprise.

These kinds of contents tend to be link worthy.

However, the fact that the web is flooded with a lot of shabby content cannot be overlooked.

Those contents cannot converse traffic, neither can they be productive.

Even if they, by some luck gain traffic, the productivity and engagement would be minimal. Also possible is static rating in the search results.

So, if you’re in that category of persons, this article is specifically directed at you. 

In this article, you find ways on how you can create link worthy contents that can help your brand grow in every ramification of the web.

8 Ideas on How to Create Link Worthy Content

1. Create Evergreen Content

Contents like news have a short period before they fade into oblivion.

So, when building your links, ensure that the contents in your website are evergreen and relevant whenever your audience may seek them.

Focusing on evergreen topics, keywords and contents are what you should incorporate to achieve your desired expectations.

Relevant and useful content is the main factor to ensure that your contents do not survive for only a short time.

Evergreen link worthy includes;

  1. Guides
  2. Ebooks
  3. How-to posts
  4. Lists
  5. Explainers
  6. Checklists

Contents like these are most sought after in search results, therefore, making them reliable to incorporate for the long term.

Give them attractive topics that will attract the audience, and it won’t stop at that, also use engaging contents.

2. Start a Podcast

Podcasts? Yes!

Starting and also incorporating a podcast in your website is another technique for traffic conversions, as well as terrific sales.

When you use a podcast, the interviewed guest will typically attach the link to your page.

Plus, naturally, a podcast attracts people as they would want to listen to what the audio contains.

And in the course of seeking information from the podcasts, your audience gets access to your link.

Consequently, they visit your website to know what you are about.

3. Create a Resource Center

Creating guides, case studies, webinars, whitepapers, and checklists is a lot of jobs and requires a content resource centre to lighten the burden.

So, when you’re thinking of publishing and promoting your content, you have to compose it in a way that will make sense for your audience, both old and new.

Commonly, people would rather link to your resource centre rather than invest time and reserve creating their own.

4. Be a Thought Leader

Even if you haven’t been doing so previously, start now! Be a thoughtful leader 

You have to be original, confident, authentic and interesting.

These make up a thoughtful leader, why not be one? A thoughtful leader can be at the top of their niche while maintaining the stance of their brand.

5. Add Visual Content

More so, you have to use visual contents such as images, infographics, data visualizations, memes and GIFs. 

Visual contents further help to express your thoughts attractively and appealingly.

Consequently, all of these visuals can help tell your story, effectively.

6. Formatting Matters!

Content that is jumbled up and isn’t well structured is a disgusting sight to a lot of people.

When you write, do so with your audience in mind.

Nobody wants to read poorly formatted content.

When you fail to properly format the content, you will experience poor engagement with the targeted audience.

As regards formatting, you can use the following tactics;

  1. Subheadlines (H2s and H3s) to break up the text.
  2. Short, simple sentences.
  3. Bulleted lists.
  4. Blockquotes.
  5. Bolding and italics.

With this formatting in place, your content will attract the desired traffic.

7. What’s Your Angle?

You would continually ask yourself what your angle is, and what unique content means to you.

If you can’t answer these questions, then your contents will not be link worthy.

Understand what high-quality and unique contents entails and incorporate it when creating yours.

You wouldn’t want to always rely on a superior site for you to create your contents, would you?

8. Would YOU Link to Your Content?

You know what best would be appealing to your audience, as well as relevant to your niche.

If you wouldn’t even like to link your content to your website, what makes you sure that someone else would want that?

Bottom line 

Link worthy contents require a log of expertise to ensure that your expectations are met.

The best way to promote your links is to use them effectively in link worthy contents that can converse traffic, profitable one at that.

Also, they can help to facilitate the brand’s terrific sale of products and services.

You should have it in mind that link worthy contents attract more links within a short and long term period.

More so, it establishes favourable connections within and out of your niche. It ensures that you stand in a thought-leadership position amongst them.

Having understood these, I hope that you incorporate the ideas stated in this article for creating effective link worthy contents.

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