How to Build Links via Non-Traditional Email Outreach

How to Build Links via Non-Traditional Email Outreach
20Jul, 2021

How to Build Links via Non-Traditional Email Outreach

You might be wondering, what causes slow traffic to your site? The reason could be many things but the most common being inability to earn quality backlinks. This has been a major source of concern for all brand owners.

Here’s a scenario; you own a website, but the link to that site is known to just you and your not so large audience. 

And you are concerned about the low traction or traffic that your site is earning. Knowing fully well that ranking high in search engines is after massive traffic to your site.

Then you ask yourself what it is that needs to be done. 

Of the many tools for SEO and link building, non-traditional email outreach seems to be overlooked the most.

Reason being that many are not ready to face the inconveniences that come with it. Forgetting that success is not offered on a gold platter. 

As with other link building tools, if properly and effectively used, non-traditional email outreach can drive immense traffic to your site by exposing the link to your website to a larger audience. 

The original purpose of the non-traditional email outreach is to serve as a substitute for email outreach. As they say, there are one thousand and one ways to solve a problem. 

This could be the reason why many shy away from using this tool. This is because of the resources that need to be invested. It doesn’t necessarily mean monetary resources, but your time, patience and resolve.

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What Is Email Outreach?

This is the process of contacting other people through email. In a content marketing context, the goal is practically to earn valuable backlinks and other things that improve site credibility. 

So why then is it not working for many? The reason is that that is what everybody does, and to achieve success, you need to approach a problem differently. 

However, the downside of this method is that it only helps in adding your email to the list of unanswered emails because there’s nothing that differentiate yours from others.

Hence, the discovery of non-traditional email outreach.

What Is Traditional Email Outreach? 

It means using original templates that are crafted uniquely (emphasis on original and unique) to represent your specific business. 

This doesn’t just catch the reader’s attention, but it also guarantees that your email will be attended to fast. It also gives your emails automatic exclusivity and creates a positive ambience around your brand.

How then do you go about enlisting non-traditional email outreach as a tool for Link building?

Below we’ll be considering the 3 major ways to go about using non-traditional email outreach as a tool. This is a sure fire way to earn links within days or even hours.

The 3 major ways are:

  1. Start with pitching to those that already trust you.
  2. Reach out to those who have something in common with you
  3. Make your email a bit awkward.

Now let’s go a step further by giving in-depth explanations about the ways listed above.

1. Start with pitching to those that already trust you

Even when building personal relationships, you know how hard it is to gain trust. But pitching your emails to those who already know your modus operandi, credibility and have a positive attitude towards your brand facilitates your Link building process. 

How do you find such people?

You can find them if they fall among the following group:

2. Social media followers

The majority, if not all of your social media followers must have something that must have piqued their interest in your brand that’s why they followed you. So it’d be relatively easy to get in touch with them without trying to prove yourself first.

3. People who have already mentioned you or your brand in their content

Such people as these make up an interesting audience. 

To find them, you need to remember where your brand has been mentioned before and you need to start taking cognizance of where your brand is being mentioned. 

If you were mentioned the first time without any effort on your side, there’s a high chance they’d be obliged to do it again if you make an effort.

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4. Your partners and industry friends

If you’re a member of a group of people in your specific niche, you can find a long list of prospective people who are ready to help mention your brand on their website and help you with building your link. 

You can develop a relationship with them by engaging in conversation and asking questions. Members of such groups are eager to start a partnership as it can be of benefit to them too.

5. Reach out to those who have something in common with you

There’s an easy way to go about this, simply search for people in the same niche with you on social media, research their interest and engage them via the comment section. 

By doing this, you’re creating awareness about yourself. So when you write to them, there’d have been a foundation of familiarity between you and them.

6. Make your email a bit awkward

This is a tricky and delicate part. And this is also where the “original and unique” technique comes in. This part requires you to do a lot of thinking so that your supposed originality or uniqueness won’t cut across as rude. 

Bottom line

Non-traditional email outreach is a proven means of getting backlinks and massive traffic to your website. But some requirements need to be met. 

Which is having a strong resolve and being extremely patient. 

There’s a probability that you might get rejected. That’s the point where others give up. But your desire for valuable backlinks won’t let you right? 

This method requires you to be patient and relentless. 

And making your email awkward doesn’t make you less than you’re worth instead it evokes an empathic feeling towards you and this facilitates your Link building process.

Through non-traditional email outreach, you can develop a relationship with an influencer or brand to create a partnership that is beneficial to both sides.

This also helps your creativity, as you have to stand out from your many competitors.

If you’ve not tried using this tool, here’s your chance to build those links you strongly desire and attain your position on the search engine.

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