How to Build Links Using Testimonials & Reviews

How to Build Links Using Testimonials & Reviews
15Jul, 2021

How to Build Links Using Testimonials & Reviews

A complete guide on How to Build Links Using Testimonials & Reviews. In the quest of trying to earn valuable links and drive traffic to one’s site, many overlook the significance of using testimonials and reviews as a tool for link building.

Every business out there is looking for ways they can earn backlinks and rank high in SEO that they pay a large chunk of attention to what they think is important while neglecting the really important one in the process.

Before you can get a good testimony or review about your products or services, you must have done some groundwork.

This must be so easy, you think.

But not if needed effectively carried out, it might cause more harm than good. The same strength a good review has over a brand is equivalent to the same effect a bad review has over a brand.

A good testimonial or review, helps a customer to be decisive about purchasing your products.

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What is testimonial link building?

In simple terms, traditional link building is taking and posting people’s good comments about your products on your website. People’s opinions have a way of influencing other people’s decisions.

So link building is not just about using the right keywords, writing great contents (this is important too) and other technicalities. It’s about imprinting a good opinion of yourself and your brand on users so they can tell others.

That’s why testimonial link building is still seen as one of the greatest ways of earning customers trust and consequently driving traffic to your sites through quality backlinks.

Testimonials and reviews not only help your customers purchase decisions, but it also makes room for self/brand improvements. As you’ll learn what areas your products or services need an upgrade from their reviews.

The only downside of this tool is “if not used effectively or if overused” this is a great way to earn your desired links. The key to effectively using this tool is relevance and clarity.

So what’re the benefits of using testimonial link building as a tool?

1. Establish trust and credibility

Building trust and earning credibility is relevant in using testimonial link building as a tool.

Not only do reviews prompt a user to make good decisions when purchasing your products or services, but it’s also a way of building trust and credibility for your business.

But you must have earned their trust first before expecting to earn links.

2. Improve SEO and rankings

Good testimonials and reviews cause Google to recognize your site as one that’s being updated with relevant contents.

When your site is updated, it can cause an increase in your ranking on search engine results pages.

You can discover new keywords from your customers’ reviews and incorporating them into your site, it increases your chances of ranking high in SEO. In all good reviews can help increase your site authority.

3. Earn backlinks and unlinked mentions

Testimonials and reviews are beneficial to three parties.

The consumer

The reviewed business

And the reviewer.

With an emphasis on the reviewer. Leaving reviews can also be qualified as an opportunity for link building.

Writing good reviews increases the chances of your website getting exposed and more visible through backlinks or unlinked mentions.

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How to use testimonials and reviews for link building

This will be explained in just 4 steps.

1. Make a list of relevant sites

Your good reviews are as important as getting reviews on your site. To place a good review, make a list of the services and products you make use of daily.

Targeting the right products for review is also as important as targeting the right website where you want to review a product.

Review a product that is of relevance to your company. It would be better if you review a product you have used before. 

2. Check for opportunities

Because a company doesn’t provide an avenue for submitting reviews directly on their websites doesn’t mean you can’t give your reviews.

Check for opportunities to give them.

It could be by checking the company’s contact information for ways to communicate with them probably through email.

There are many review websites available for you to make your reviews. As a plus, you can also have the option of making the review on your site as a blog post. 

Find every possible way to contact them because your reviews will not only be of benefit to them but to you also.

3. Write or create a unique review

With unique being the keyword here, don’t write a shabby review. Write a review that screams your uniqueness. 

A review can come in not only text form, it could be in video form too. You can use videos to make reviews and give your thoughts about a particular product. Do these for products and services that you are used to.

Having keywords beside and phrases beside your business name can increase your company’s ranking on SEO. Because the more people search with that particular keyword z the more your brand’s name pops up.

Before sharing the review, include a backlink.

4. Reach out

After carrying out all the aforementioned, include your business name and website when you submit your review. 

This will enable the company to find a link they can link back to. And if the company doesn’t link back, there’s a chance that they might mention your business name. 

That’s still part of unlinked mentions and it can also be beneficial to an extent.

Reaching out doesn’t stop there. Reaching out in this context means getting involved with them.

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Bottom line

Constant reviewing of a company’s products shows your interest in their company. And this can create a chance for you to earn backlinks.

Remember that establishing trust will facilitate your chances of getting your website link posted or mentioned.

To exploit the uniqueness of your review, you can use an extract from your contents. This shows just how personal you want to get with them.

And don’t forget, that as with other SEO tools z this method doesn’t yield magical results. It requires time and patience especially since earning trust is involved.

Try this tool today and watch a great improvement in Your site traffic and your ranking on search engine results pages.

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