How to Build a Killer Team of Writers for Massive Outreach

how to build a killer team of writers
12Dec, 2018

How to Build a Killer Team of Writers for Massive Outreach

In this short article, I’m going to walk you via exactly In this short article, I’m going to walk you via exactly how to build a killer team of writers to take care of your outreach content. We’ll be talking from the point of view of outreach, which is our area of knowledge, yet the majority of what will be covered can be made use of for material authors in various other areas of SEO and also digital advertising.

We’ll cover where you can find authors, how you can interview and select the best author for you, as well as we’ll share with you processes for managing them. There is not one method on how to build a killer team of writers and also manage content writers, yet we’ll share with you our comprehensive experience and what aids us reduce time and also boost productivity.

If you’re running your own outreach you could discover some little nuggets that will certainly help you tweak your own processes to make them a lot more effective. If you’re considering starting to scale your outreach, you have every little thing you need in this short article to obtain it set up as well as running efficiently, in regards to web content production, without coming under a few of the catches the majority of us have stumbled in, at one factor or another.

How to find writers

In this article on how to build a killer team of writers, we’re going to be concentrating on recruiting and handling your own team of content writers. We’ll also take a quick peek at some companies that provide material solutions, to give you the complete variety of choices.

The initial component of the process is to have a clear idea of what to expect from your writer. Recruiting can be a great void in terms of time if you enable it to be.

The key is preparation

looking for a job


Job Summary: Take the time to compose a work summary. Have a clear idea what degree of experience you call for, for instance, whether you require experience of writing for details particular niches (if appropriate) or not. Think of the number of short articles you are expecting them to write and also what reverse time you need.

Experience has actually shown, that a lot more “demanding” or specific you can be when recruiting, the better results you’ll obtain. You’ll extract potential applicants that don’t fulfil your needs. They will certainly either see they don’t meet your expectations or they will certainly be too lazy to read the summary as well as click another task article. Regardless, you’ll invest more time in looking at applications from writers who are suitable for function.

Where to find writers

There are freelancer platforms that are a great location to begin. You’ll understand a lot of them. Upwork, Consultant and also PeoplePerHour.

Freelancing Platforms

The benefits of freelancer platforms:

You get to develop your very own chance, being as details as feasible to draw in the appropriate kind of content writers.

It’s additionally a good use of time. One advert published as well as you’ll get a range of candidates to filter with.

You get social evidence. Writers will certainly have a reputation on the system that can be a trust signal or a potential warning sign.

There are some negatives too:

You’ll get a whole lot of rubbish. Some candidates will not appropriate yet instead of checking out via the summary, they’ll apply a “numbers game” method and also have a typical respond to every setting as well as hope, that with sufficient applications they’ll grab job. Issue is, they are losing your time in the process.

A restricted variety of high-quality writers. These freelancer websites take a cut of the cost the consultant obtains. Naturally, reputable authors will certainly have a portfolio of customers and also will certainly like to select up client’s other methods to get the complete fee.

Recruiting tips

Job Recruiting

If you determine to check out freelancer platforms here are some ideas to enhance your recruiting.

Asking for examples: you actually require to see some examples of outreach they’ve done. For a beginning, you’ll have an additional website to get in touch with because you understand they take guest blog posts.

However much more significantly, you’ll see that they have had their content approved as well as published by a range of blog site owners. You’ll additionally reach see their creating style and also the quality of site that accepted their material.

Additional questions: If you have the alternative, produce a number of additional questions that require a suitable paragraph to address properly.

This has two advantages. First, it will certainly filter out candidates that are attempting to get every job, despite their suitability. Conserves you squandering your time needing to discover that out. Second, you will certainly get an opportunity to assess their writing in terms of precision and attention to information.

It’s always an excellent suggestion to request for instances of their outreach work, nonetheless, it’s likely the job will have been proofed/edited by the site owner. It will not give you a concept of exactly how accurately they create. Essential if you prepare to evidence the work on your own, or have a VA do it. Obtaining an idea of exactly how accurate the candidate composes will certainly be an advantage.

Rate your English: When recruiting non-English writers, an excellent inquiry to ask is to obtain the applicants to rate their English from 1 to 10. A good “method” is to add the caveat (7+ will certainly be needed for this work). This throwaway line welcomes the candidate to provide a much more sincere answer. You’ll probably wind up taking those that rated their English as a 10 however it conserves time having to weed those out that do not have such good English.

Alternative freelancer sites

Several of the sites mentioned above stand for sites that permit you to upload your needs and also have possible authors register their rate of interest. They vary in high quality and knowledge. Upwork is thought about the finest however if you were looking for writers from the UK, you may find a better range on People Per Hour which has a tendency to bring in even more British based freelancers.

However, there are other sites that offer the freelancers and you get to choose that appears to finest fit. Websites like Legit produced particularly for the digital marketing community.

Other Freelancing Sites

A superb resource is the Facebook group Cult of Copy Job Board. You’ll discover wonderful high-quality authors here. There are a lot of copywriters, so it’s a good location to locate sales copywriters, or niche specific writers.


Content Services

It would certainly be a squandered chance not to discuss a few of the businesses that offer content creation as a solution.

Content Services

As with the majority of points in the Search Engine Optimization area, you’ll find a large array of top quality as well as pricing for the very same service. Here are a few of our favorites, and those that have solid online reputations. It’s not a clear-cut list, there are others out there who give a top-quality service, however, it’s a great beginning factor.

SEO Butler

Run by Jonathan Kiekbusch, SEO butler (formerly known as PBN Butler) has carved out a solid reputation over the years. They have great authors as well as excellent procedures in location. You get to select the high quality of material you need, with each level valued as necessary. Use our coupon DIGGITY10  for a 10% discount.

SEO Content Hero

Once again from other participants of the SEO neighborhood, Joe Graisbery, has a track record for understanding his things and also being a suitable person. Joe can be discovered on Facebook offering a lot of value. It’s likewise quite challenging to find an adverse word stated concerning his material solution.


On the pricier side of the street yet there are a whole lot of people who would certainly say the little additional you pay is well worth it. They have been a component of the content development sector from the beginning as well as have significant clients and also a lot of favorable feedback.


Extremely comparable to Textbroker, you can pay a bit more yet you get the additional top quality. They also supply a lot of different sorts of web content, everything from post to news release. So, a good resource. You obtain your very own project supervisor which helps with the whole procedure.

Note: We have a tendency to put a count on in services that have a public persona as well as add to the SEO neighborhood. They have actually aligned their personal track records on content as well as you get added focus to client service as well as high-quality control.

Due to the fact that it aids to understand what’s SEOs require from their content, we additionally have a tendency to prefer solutions from suppliers with backgrounds in Search Engine Optimization. Apart from that, we respect longevity. If you’ve been in the sector a while and also maintained a track record for supplying quality it has to count for something. Hiring beyond the consultant community.

Recruitment Outside of the Freelancer Community

Like many various other things (it seems), Craigslist is a great place to find writers. You’ll get pupils and also regional writers. OK, it takes a little bit even more job however on the plus side, if you get a local trainee who requires the work it’s a win-win. They may not be completely knowledgeable about the going rates for different high quality of authors and you can benefit from that.

Top tip:

Few people find out about this prospective group. An excellent location to discover authors is with English educators. Not English instructors based in English speaking countries however instead TEFL instructors. (Teaching English As A Foreign Language).

Recruitment Outside the Community

These are indigenous English speakers, that have a strong understanding of grammar (they instruct it), have an all-natural affinity for the language (they educate it), as well as they generally have a tendency to educate for 20-25 hours a week, so they have some complimentary time.

Life as an educator pays pretty well for local problems, but typically not excellent. A lot of teachers wind up tackling personal students to earn some added cash money and welcome a change so could be thinking about composing.

They have a tendency to be based in nations where the cost of living is lower, commonly nations like China, South Korea as well as Thailand, they will bill affordable prices in dollars and extra pounds.

Fun Fact: The sales personnel of one of my companies are entirely comprised of Ex-English instructors with ideal English and university levels.

Interviewing and selection

There are some individuals who take the time to talk to possible writers. Especially if you are speaking about high value “specialist” content.

I would certainly suggest the finest way to interview a writer is to offer them a creating task and utilize that as the meeting. A real outreach job. Even worse situation circumstance, you’ll require to re-write it yourself.

Give them your SOPs, your assumptions as well as a realistic due date, comparable to what you would certainly anticipate from them if they were your writer. The last point you desire to be doing is chasing your authors, your time can be better spent in other places in your service.

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)

Standard Operating Procedures

In regards to continuity, one of the most crucial point you can do is create your SOPs. (Standard Operating Procedure) for any kind of provided task, particularly content writing.

You will desire to scale your organisation which consists of scaling your outreach. Having a collection of processes in a position to make sure every writer is on the right page aids when scaling. It also aids with training.

Many writers work for a variety of clients and each customer has various demands and various procedures. It’s challenging for the writer to keep in mind what each customer wants from them, and anyway, why would certainly you leave it as much as the quality of the writers’ memory?

Having a functioning record the author can use each time to advise themselves exactly how you want your web content is going to really be helpful to them. Normally, they intend to provide top quality material so it functions for both sides.

Important things to include:

Timelines. Have very specific timelines for your content. When scaling yet it also aids the writer manage their very own work when they have clear target dates to work to, it aids.

A lot of clients get their editor or an additional member of the group to style web content from the writer. Every writer will certainly have their very own method of proofing the job. You ought to have devices as well as a process you require them to use, once again to standardise throughout various writers.

Examples. With every part of your process, if you can supply an instance of exactly what you mean, it will ensure the point is understood as well as offer a point of recommendation if the writer is not exactly sure. Additionally, it helps when utilising the SOPs as a training source.

Managing your writers

Managing Writers

Having the appropriate processes in position is going to make your life definitely simpler. It’s also going to save more money and permit you to scale as your company expands.

There’s not one “best” method on how to build a killer team of writers, however, we have a system that we have actually fine-tuned that we would more than happy to share. It’s worked well and having talked to various other Search engine optimisations, it’s comparable somehow to just how they manage their material creators. There’s a lot of overlap.

Similar to many points in the Search Engine Optimisation globe, it’s based upon spreadsheets. We use spreadsheets for our entire outreach procedure, together with our very own custom-made developed system. Yet for this write-up, we’ll concentrate on the material gratification process.

Access a done-for-you spreadsheet by going here.

You need to create the following headings

Date Of Order. This is the date you offer the project to the author.

Guest Post Title. The title of the guest blog post concurred with the blog/website. If no real title has actually been concurred after that add the basic idea/concept.

Target Site URL. Add the URL of the target site.

Guest Post Guidelines. If the site has a page that uses visitor blog post standards, that might aid the author, include it below.

Anchor text. Pick the support text needed for this specific link and also add it right here.

Additional Info. If crucial info turned up throughout communications with the blog site owner, that the author needs to be familiar with, add it below.

Writer. This is where the author include their name when they accept the particular article job.

Article URL. Have the author develop the web content using Google Docs and include the LINK here when completed.

Word Count. Add complete wordage for the article below. It could be required to meet site standards or you might be paying writers by the word so it’s beneficial data.

Date First draft finished. When they’ve written the post as well as added it to the spread sheet, the writer fills this in.

Date submitted. This is the day the post was sent to the target website.

Status. You’ll fill out this column when the article is assessed as well as approved on the website or needs editing. When the website agrees to the content, you’ll upgrade it.

Paid. why not maintain a note of which material you have actually paid out on and which you have not.

What else you’ll need

You’ll require to develop a group/team chat. A lot of individuals make use of Slack, it’s possibly the most efficient tool because you can switch in between group conversation as well as individual conversation quickly. It’s so simple to get averted when Skype is on.

The process

The objective is to have a central point to collect and keep info on all the different guest posts in the numerous stages of being completed and positioned. (from the phase where the website proprietor has actually concurred to the guest blog post to paying the author and having the web link go online).

Preferably, you desire a financial institution of authors that you have actually already approved, every time you have a brand-new guest message, you make it readily available to all authors, as well as it’s “initial come, first offer”. You make use of the chat group to use the jobs and give responses to particular writers as well as the spreadsheet to track each visitor post from offer to placement and settlement.

Next, I will stroll you through the process step by action, yet before we consider that, it is very important to recognize how this all attaches.

How to Build a Killer Team of Writers for Massive Outreach 1

One of the primary reasons we recommend utilising a project as a “examination” (for brand-new authors) is because once they have actually passed the examination, we intend to offer them accessibility to the chat team and also allow them to appoint themselves guest blog posts on an initial come, initially offer basis.

It is essential we do not wind up holding the hand of each writer. As well as really, we do not intend to undergo the entire recruitment procedure for every single guest message we need web content for. This system allows us to be frequently hiring authors so we are able to have a bank of authors fighting over each other to obtain gigs.

Furthermore, this process needs a great SOP. It requires to discuss the procedure to them, step by action. Not just the web content and also formatting demands yet precisely just how they obtain tasks, exactly how they update the spread sheets, obtain comments as well as earn money.

It all fits together

Let me end up by breaking down the process step-by-step, from obtaining a guest blog post “order” to paying the writer.


Guest Post

Step 1– Add the details of the new write-up on the spreadsheet consisting of:

  • Date Of Order
  • Guest Post Title
  • Target Site URL
  • Guest Post Guidelines
  • Anchor text
  • Additional Info

Step 2– Go to your group chat and add the brand-new order to the conversation, including the row number and also Guest Post Title.

Step 3– The initial writer to respond to the brand-new order deal will certainly include their name to the spreadsheet, next to the relevant guest blog post. This suggests the article is assigned to them. You will certainly include Assigned to the standing column.

Tip 4– The author finishes the short article, using the format as well as to the deadlines laid out in the SOPs.

Step 5– Once they’ve completed, as well as proofed the content, they share the paper by adding the LINK to the Short article LINK column and also filling out the Word Matter column (They need to function in Google Docs). They additionally transform the status to Testimonial.

Action 6– You or your editor reviews the content, if you call for any kind of adjustments, you connect those adjustments with the writer through your assigned conversation system. The condition stays at review up until all changes are made as well as approved. After that the status gets transformed to Approved.

Action 7– Your team sends the content to the site owner/manager and await their responses or the blog post to go live. The status now obtains altered to Sent.

Step 8– With the web content sent out to the blog owner, you can currently pay the writer. When you have actually paid them, complete the spreadsheet to review “Paid” by including a date that settlement was made.

Tip 9– When the short article goes live, you mark it as Reside on the spreadsheet to finish the process.

Right here is a full instance of the procedure completed (click on this link).

The key is to keep the condition column up-to-date so you can see at what phase of the process each message is at, at a look.


How to build a killer team of writers process is essential when it pertains to content development for outreach. The objective is to make your process as streamlined as possible to liberate time and also sources. Taking care of writers has a habit of chewing into your time otherwise handled very carefully.

In regards to locating writers, you can utilise solutions for content. You may discover they are extra price reliable for you than establishing up your own team if you were to determine your time and set on your own a per hour rate. It deserves the estimation to examine.

If you’ve chosen to develop and also handle your own team, have a process for your recruitment. Have a set task description, have extra information requests, whatever you require to do to extract time wasters and also invest your time checking out writers that fit your needs.

The ideal means to truly evaluate a writer is to use them. The goal is to lessen the time you need to invest in chasing them.

When creating your SOPs, you truly intend to be as in-depth and clear as possible. Your writers will thank you also! Include formatting, deadlines, and also how your system works and also what’s expected of them.

Now you create a spread sheet with the headers I have actually outlined (gain access to it below) and also you share it with your authors. You additionally get them to sign up with a team on a chat system. Either Slack or Skype works well, both are totally free.

You add it to the spreadsheet as well as allow the authors know in the team chat you’ve established up when you obtain a brand-new guest article. It’s very first come, first serve. They mark their name alongside the post and also follow the procedure through, upgrading the status right up until it goes live.

When you get a new guest post, you add it to the spreadsheet and let the writers know in the group chat you’ve set it up. It’s first come, first serve basis. They mark their name next to the post and then follow the process through, updating the status all the way until it goes live.

It works due to the fact that it’s straightforward, it does not have numerous relocating components. It’s additionally very easy to scale and handle which is the crucial component. The goal is to know how to build a killer team of writers to do the majority of the job as well as for the process to manage the writers as well as allow you to see what’s occurring, to get a photo but be hands off.

Your time is your most significant property, this system helps you optimize it when aiming to handle outreach content development.


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