The Complete Guide To Local Citation Building

A Guide to Local Citation Building
20Jul, 2021

The Complete Guide To Local Citation Building

With the way that SEO improves its standard, it is no surprise that many businesses suffer low ranking on SEO and low traffic on their sites.

Many blame it on the increase in competitors while some are just complacent about it.

But what’s the essence of owning a website if you can’t establish your presence online and give customers access to your services and products?

It has become a source of concern for business owners that own a website if their website doesn’t converse enough traffic.

What could it be that you are not doing right?

You’ve done everything you think possible to influence your SEO ranking, but all to no avail.

What do you know about local citation building? 

Do you know that with the proper guide, local citation building can help you get that SEO ranking you’ve been longing for?

Well, if you didn’t know, here’s your chance to know.

When you hear the word citation, what comes to mind?

Before you start racking your brain trying to create a connection between citation and earning traffic to your site, let’s cut to the chase.

In an online marketing context, a citation is a mention of your business name, business address and business telephone number on another person’s website. 

NAP is a very crucial part of citation building.

You might be wondering what NAP means, it’s just an acronym for Name, Address and Phone number.

And things you’d find in an online citation are, Company name, Address, Phone number, Opening hours, Social media links, to mention a few.

Local Citation Building is a very important tool to possess when working towards earning valuable backlinks and ranking high in SEO ranking.

But before you embark on starting a citation building, it is profitable to understand the basics of exactly what a citation means so that you’ll be able to navigate your way around it and get quick and profitable results.

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Citation can be very profitable for local businesses especially to improve their SEO ranking.

Like I said earlier, you’ve done everything right or so you think, so why aren’t you getting that massive traffic?

The answers to your questions are not far fetched and they are contained in this article.

Keep reading to discover what local citation building is all about, with an explicit guide to building them.

Types Of Citation 

Majorly, two different types of citation exist on the web and they are discussed below:

1. Structured citations

In a structured citation, what you’d find is exactly what is in a local business directory. 

It contains the data assigned to a specific niche. You can submit your business details such as your business name or phone number.

Most information you put there is controlled by you. But many people make the mistake of not updating their information.

Some example of structured citation can be found on

  • Yelp
  • Yellow pages
  • Facebook
  • Maps (Google, Apple, MapQuest, etc.).
  • Foursquare

2. Unstructured citations

With unstructured citations, information about your business can show up on a site that’s not necessarily specified in your Industry or niche. 

They don’t have a specific format that contains your data. For instance, you can find information about your business in the newspaper, magazines, social media, review sites or blog.

Ways Local Citations Can Help With Link Building And Site Visibility

1. Improve Local SEO rankings:

By enlisting local citation as a tool for earning backlinks, it will have a massive impact on your SEO efforts and on whether your company will rank among Google’s first 3 when the same service and product you provide is being searched.

2. Increase site traffic

Local Citation will increase your ranking in SEO and this will result in more visibility in local search results and more results mean an increase in site traffic.

Even unlinked citations can converse traffic, but they also create chances of claiming new links and building your Link portfolio.

3. Impact Customers

Local citations create a relationship between your company and your customers. If you own multiple websites, it assures search engines and customers that your business is trustworthy.

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A Guide to Local Citation Building

You don’t need to jump from one site to another to get a local citation. What’s important is getting a quality site that will converse traffic for you.

Here’s a guide on how you can build a local citation:

1. Data Aggregators

Data Aggregators collect and distribute data to myriads of other websites. These people

There are thousands of business directories on the web. If each of them relied on business owners submitting NAP information directly, they’d probably have a lot of gaps in their data. 

Most business owners just aren’t going to submit to thousands of websites.

In other words, data Aggregators collect data and spread that information to other sites.

3 popular data Aggregators are: 

  • Express Update (by Infogroup)
  • Neustar Localeze
  • Factual

By doing this, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy earning backlinks without as much as you lifting a finger.

2. Review sites

It’s likely that data Aggregators distribute your business name, address and phone number information to many well-known sites, but not all of them. 

You still have to ensure that you submit directly to core sites especially in your country. Also, ensure that your business information is updated. 

Some examples of customer review sites are:

  • Influenster
  • ConsumerReports
  • Amazon

3. Social Media

It is amazing the extent to which social media affects online marketing. Having a social media account can boost your chances of engaging customers and it also provides an opportunity for citation. 

You must have multiple social media accounts with all your business information. Make sure they are consistent among all the social media accounts.

4. Staying consistent

As earlier stated somewhere in this article that many people are guilty of giving information to business listings and not following it up. Ensure to follow up on your listings. Continually update them as the case may be.

Bottom line

You might be wondering what your competitors are doing that’s fetching them massive traffic to their sites. 

It could be that you are making the same efforts but they’re going the extra mile. The extra mile could just be enlisting local citations as a tool for earning backlinks.

Developing a strong citation profile for your business is one of the most practical and cost-effective ways to increase your SEO ranking.

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