Broken Link Building: What You Need to Know to Get Links

Broken Link Building: What You Need to Know to Get Links 1
18May, 2021

Broken Link Building: What You Need to Know to Get Links

A broken link is that link on a website that has been disconnected from the content which is initially used to be referencing.

When this happens then you begin to get one of those big, annoying and unpleasant 404 graphics. Rebuilding that broken link is crucial.

Broken link building is another link building technique that is a white-hat, effective, scalable and content-focused link building strategy.

This link building technique helps in re-building links through discovering broken links and recreating their broken content.

Thereby, assisting webmasters with broken links to rebuild them with newly corrected and created links.

More so, broken link building is a technique that entails locating inactive resources in your niche, duplicating a copy of its content, and reaching out to webmasters asking them to replace the broken link with a link to your newly created resource.

Now, the big question lies in whether broken link building will help your client’s brand or business by improving sales and traffic?

Broken link building has been existing for years as an effective link building strategy and its strategy has continually been improved and polished.

Moving on, like a broken link builder, what do you think you can do to help you get the best results from your effort? 

It is quite easy. You just have to ensure that your contents and outreach are highly targeted, personalized when possible and that it provides value to the website you’re reaching out to and its audience.

Broken links can bring about a bad user’s experience for those using the particular site. Sadly, on a larger scale, having too many broken links can hinder the linking site’s SEO.

So, building those broken links is the remedy to avoiding these unpleasantries.

As a link builder, you simply pinpoint a broken link and make it known to a webmaster, offering an effective replacement, you’re providing value to that website.

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How are you providing value to the webmaster? You’re helping the webmaster improve their site quality, making their lives and business easier and better.

Perhaps you’re still having issues with getting broken links or you don’t know how you can convert the broken link into wins, this article is specifically for you.

In this article, you find the essentials to converting your newly found broken links into wins and how to find relevant broken links.

How to Find Relevant Broken Links

Fortunately, the process of locating broken links is rather easy as opposed to popular misconceptions.

And it is because of the ease of finding that makes a lot of people engage in broken link building for its scalable nature.

You can find relevant broken links in a variety of different ways.

However, the most effective and productive will be to run a backlink check on websites and competitors in your niche.

Take, for example, an imaginary website,, offering a variety of different information concerning aquatic animals, with well-defined popularity, you can run a backlink check where you can find broken links.

Using Ahrefs as your broken link checker, you can look at every 404 error code that presently exists on, our sample site.

Also, a tool like Ahrefs gives relevant information on which pages are currently linking to these broken pages.

Also, there’s another way you can find relevant broken links, which is scraping resource pages. With this technique, an SEO incorporates expanded search phrases in Google to discover resource pages relevant to their niche.

How does scraping resource pages work?

For instance, if you want to promote a fishing website, you can input the following in Google;

  • Fishing intitle:links
  • Fishing intitle:resources
  • online fishing inurl:links
  • online fishing blogs inurl:resources

With these, you can move onward to check the SERP results that look relevant, and manually check that all the resources they list have working links.

If a broken link is found, input it into Ahrefs or any other broken link checker to see who else might be linking to the broken page. 

Then you present the broken links to the webmaster, you should ensure that they see the reason why the newly reconstructed link should be on their site.

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The Key to Converting Broken Links Into Wins

The process of finding broken has been simplified recently as there are a lot of broken links checkers out there.

There are backlink tools that can indicate those websites that contain broken pages and links. To list a few:

  • Ahrefs’ Site Explorer.
  • Screaming Frog.
  • Moz’s Link Explorer.

The difficult aspect is now asking a webmaster to restore a broken link with one to your website.

In any link building campaign, the area of outreaching is usually the most complex.

Fortunately, one of the benefits of broken link building is that outreaching isn’t as different as offer methods of link building.

You can easily reach out to the webmasters concerning their broken links.

The difficult part, however, is that webmasters receive proposals like this too often, particularly when you’re trying to reach out to a popular blog or website.

So, what should you do to convert the broken link you’ve found into a win?

Foremost, you contact the right individual, the webmaster you believe can best buy your idea of fixing the broken links.

Then you build a stable relationship with them and keep things simple. 

Give value and show appreciation for their time and effort and go the extra mile by learning more about them before you first contact them.

Bottom line

Broken links constitute a myriad of problems on a website, most often without the awareness of the webmasters.

Building broken links is an effective way to ensure that the website doesn’t lose its users thereby improving users experience and brand visibility.

As a link builder, you’re to discover these broken links, reveal them to the webmaster and convince them that rebuilding the link will be of great value.

Broken link building has been in existence for quite a period and when a webmaster sees a message concerning a broken link, they are most times not interested.

Why? Because they know the game that’s being played, making broken link building more difficult than before.

If you’ve been in this situation once and you seek to avoid the next mistake, this article is your surest guide on what you need to know to get links.

I believe that this article has helped you in knowing how you can locate relevant broken links and also how you can convert the broken links into a win. 

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