Is Reddit the future of Organic Social Media Marketing?

Is Reddit the future of Organic Social Media Marketing?

Reddit has become the most influential social forums as more businesses leverage it as an effective SMM channel. The biggest plus side of this forum is that it effectively directs organic traffic, and it is an affordable option for small businesses.

How much bigger is Reddit going to get?

$919 Million Dollars of Funding Raised Over 8 Rounds of Investments
In 2020, Reddit received over 30 billion views every month
Reddit was valued at $6 billion in February 2021, doubling its 2019 valuation
52 Million Active Users on Reddit Every Day
More than 150 million different pages on Reddit are viewed every day.
There are 2 billion comments and counting on Reddit.

The platform has made strides to be a trusted resource for people interested in specific topics. In general, they bring together a community of strangers passionate about the same topics.

The platform is growing exponentially and becoming ever better for leads generation.

Furthermore, since this forum’s basic functionality is based on communities and not a single user, the platform can deliver a high volume of online traffic with very little effort. Join the subreddits that are related to your product category and start swaying the opinion of the masses in your favor.

Reddit’s Projected Growth in Social Media Marketing
Reddit is Becoming More Visual and Have Made Acquisitions to Improve
(Image Source)

Reddit has increased the usage of videos and pictures. They have utilized a system of up and downvotes to find the posts that are most interesting and relevant to the community.

88% of users spend more time on websites that have videos.
Visual content has become increasingly important on their platform.
The best posts get a lot of initial comments and upvotes.

The inclusion of visuals has increased engagement and the potential for viral content. It opened Reddit to more “fun” images and video clips. By creating content related to videos and images, you can get your posts higher ranked on their platform.

Reddit Wants to Get Advertising Dollars and More Engagement
Reddit has made moves to their platform to make it more visually appealing. They are targeting new groups of people and younger people to come on their platform. It is trying to compete with other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Reddit made $170 Million in Revenue in 2020
It makes the majority of money from advertisements
It also has a premium membership that lets users avoid advertisements

By creating organic content, it strengthens their position. Marketers will be able to generate leads by creating more visual content and by being helpful on their platform.

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Reddit’s Acquisition of Dubsmash: An Alternative to TikTok
Why did it Acquire Dubsmash?
(Image Source)

Dubsmash is a platform similar to TikTok. It’s mainly a platform of short videos with audio that targets a younger audience. They’ve gained the most traction with Latino and African American communities. They have mainly focused on the underrepresented groups.

In 2019, Dubsmash’s projected valuation was $50M to $100M
Reddit paid an undisclosed amount to acquire Dubsmash, and it is considered likely that they spent more than the projected valuation.

Reddit acquired Dubsmash in 2020 as one of their biggest acquisitions. They have made it clear that they are invested in the social media market and plan on growing. By acquiring Dubsmash. The company is trying to diversify its social media network.

They will also be able to take advantage of Dubsmash’s video technical skills. In order to acquire Dubsmash, Reddit had to compete with other social media. It was a sign to the community that Reddit is serious about growing its influence and platform.

Reddit’s Interest in Bolstering Their Video Capabilities and New Communities
(Image Source)

Platforms like TikTok and Instagram have captured a large population of young social media users. Reddit could not previously compete. However, there are certain inescapable statistics that the platform had to respond to:

73% of videos are two minutes or less in length.
94% of video marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.
69 Percent Of Consumers Watch Videos With Their Sound Off

By building up the number of users, Reddit has boosted its advertising dollars. For marketers, it’s a great opportunity to engage in different communities and niche groups. If you have content related to videos and images, it will be a great way to generate leads on these platforms.

The Biggest Leverage Point for Marketers Using Reddit
Finding the Audience For Your Marketing Efforts in Niches
(Image Source)

Reddit has a lot of niches and subreddits that you can join. If you have a particular interest in a certain topic, you can put organic content on their platform and get some traffic.

There is a multitude of different niches within Reddit:

At the time of writing, there were 2,139,093 subreddits.
Each category has multiple subreddits to join

You can look at creating a branded subreddit. You can be a moderator and build it up as a platform that people can engage in. It’s a good way for people to find your brand and gain a following.

While you have to be careful to not be too self-promotional on Reddit, if you build up a decent branded subreddit, consider helping followers with free educational content that’ll help them. Offering things like downloadable PDFs, educational webinars, online courses, and eBooks in exchange for an email address will help you build your brand and build relationships with casual Reddit commenters.

Leveraging Content on Reddit’s Platform with External Links
(Image Source)

People generally go on Reddit to find helpful information that they can trust. It’s a good way for strangers to connect with one another on relevant topics.

When You create posts, use external links to generate leads and get more organic traffic:

In the top 150 subreddits, posts with external links produced, on average, over 16,000 more upvotes than popular posts that are purely text.
Helpful content can link Reddit users to other articles, videos, and landing pages for a business.

Whenever you have posts with links, make sure it’s in the context of other helpful information. People will downvote anything that looks like spam or is not helping the group.

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Commenting on Posts To Build Authority Within a Niche
(Image Source)

Some posts will have questions asking for other people’s advice. If you can connect with them quickly in a post, you can get a lot of upvotes. And you can bring people to your website.

A couple of hints to help get your comments ranked quickly and gain traction:

Give a Step-By-Step Mini Guide on Their Question
Refer People to a More In-depth Video or Article
Try to be one of the Best and Quickest Responses

Whenever you have a really good response, it will get a lot of votes. A lot of Redditers will acknowledge the truth in your statement. Whenever you have a solid resource, it can also be a great way to draw people to your other platforms and potentially convert some of them as leads.

Comparisons to Other Social Media Platforms
1. vs. Facebook
(Image Source)

As you know, Facebook is the most popular and biggest social media platform. Obviously, it is a much larger platform right now for social media marketing. Facebook has tried to push Facebook groups, and it competes directly with Subreddits. They essentially target the different niches that people are interested in. It’s been a good way to increase engagement on their platform.

There are 84 Billion Daily Active Users on Facebook
Reddit has 52 Million Daily Active Users

As a business principal or marketer, it’s important not to ignore either social media company. Both Facebook and Reddit are making efforts to make their platform more engaging for their users.

If you have the bandwidth, it would be best to utilize both platforms by creating your own Facebook Group and Subreddit. Work to funnel leads into one of these platforms and starts joining different Facebook Groups and Subreddits to become an authority in your niche.

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2. vs. Twitter
(Image Source)

Twitter has a way to send direct messages to people on Lists. These are Tribes to send messages to a specific group. There are public and private groups. It’s most common to use hashtags to reach a broader audience.

187 Million Active Users daily on Twitter
40% of Twitter users purchased something based on a tweet.
430 Active Reddit Users Worldwide

Reddit is closest to Twitter in terms of influence. They have a dedicated following of people. For marketers, they will be able to repurpose content to reach different social media platforms.

3. vs. Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat
(Image Source)

Influencers have thrived on Social Media. They are able to extend their brands and their reach. It’s been beneficial for the platforms because influencers will bring their followers and a steady stream of content. Reddit opens a door full of opportunities for companies specialized in micro-influencer marketing for brands. The first ones to tap into this platform will get massive leverage over the competition.

Instagram had 1.074 Billion Users in 2021
TikTok has 689 Million Monthly Users
238 Million People Use Snapchat every day

Reddit is trying to enter into this sector with the addition of Dubsmash. Increasingly, they will look at making videos and images a growing priority. It will lead to higher engagement on their platform and is a growing trend on all social media platforms.

Reddit is a powerful social media platform for people interested in engaging in specific interests.

Consider creating your own subreddit group and branding it to your name. It can be a good way to build an audience if you want to control your own group. Look at leveraging multiple social media platforms and using dedicated social media management software to centralize and more effectively manage communications.

Wesley Cherisien is a speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, and tech investor who has penned hundreds of articles, books, and training guides for organizations in the Fortune 500, consultants, and authors spanning multiple industries. Chief Editor of, Wesley is a creative and highly innovative thinker with 10+ years of experience writing for online publications. You can follow/tweet Wesley @wesleycherisien.

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10 Ways to Convert Leads for Your SaaS Business Through Email Marketing

10 Ways to Convert Leads for Your SaaS Business Through Email Marketing

Email marketing is as old as the internet. Over the last 20 years, it has evolved and became a go-to digital marketing strategy for businesses across many verticals. Approximately 50% of marketers in the US are planning to increase their spending on email marketing. One of the reasons is that it delivers.

For SaaS businesses, email marketing can easily become the number one digital marketing channel when it comes to generating and nurturing leads and boosting conversion rates.

But to effectively use email to capture more sales, you need to know what you are doing. To help you out, we have put together a list of 10 ways to convert leads for your SaaS business through email marketing.

1. Connect and Reconnect
Email marketing can help you build long-lasting relationships with your customers. You can use it to connect with the new ones and reconnect with old contacts. The most fundamental rule in the textbook is to stay away from generic emails.

Have you ever heard about email sequencing? Every email has an introduction, a value proposition, an offer that can be captured in an engaging CTA, and follow-ups. Experimenting with email sequencing formulas and discovering which one works best for connecting with new clients and reconnecting with old ones is the best way to go.

Here is one great example of how it’s properly done. The company tested dozens of different onboarding emails with new customers. The practice was fruitful as the company managed to identify the key sentences that helped them build a relationship with customers and improve the product roadmap at the same time.

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2. Categorize Your Prospects
It is essential to understand that prospects in your sales funnel are a dynamic concept. What does this mean? Not all prospects are the same. They are in different phases of the purchase decision process. All of them have unique needs, goals, preferences, and desires. Some may be more price-sensitive; others might be more interested in your customer support.

This brings us back to generic emails. They simply won’t work. You need to be able to categorize your prospects based on their location in the sales funnel. This is why most SaaS companies utilize CRM systems. With the help of CRM, you can identify the phase a prospect is in, thus making prospect categorization significantly easier.

Once you categorize your prospects, you can easily segment emails. There are plenty of success stories you can check where companies managed to boost opening rates by a whopping 9% by segmenting emails.

3. Create Impactful CTA
CTA stands for Call to Action. In email marketing, CTA can be literally anything. It can range from a graphic and image to a button and inline copy. What is an impactful CTA? Precisely what you’d guess. It is the CTA that delivers the highest click-through rates. It is very hard to nail the best CTA on your first try. There is nothing much else to do but to experiment.

You can test different CTAs within an email segment and monitor the click-through rates closely. If you lack inspiration, you can check out other people’s ideas; there are plenty out there!. Once you manage to create an impactful CTA, continue to monitor CTRs. After some time, you might need to update it to boost the CTR back up again.

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4. Engage Consistently
Engaging leads via emails is not that hard once you know their position in the sales funnels. The trick is to send emails relevant to the last engagement a lead had with your services or brand in general. To engage leads, you need to serve them with content that resonates with their current interests and answers their current questions.

This is where your content strategy comes in. It would be best to have content ready for every email segment. Here are some of the examples:

Activation email – a brief reminder for users that notifies them about the benefits of using your service
Welcome email – this email should help users get started with the basics of your service
Pro tips and guide emails – these emails can help experienced customers see your product in action and how it can help them optimize their workflow and deliver better results

You can use other techniques to engage your potential customers and convert them. Upgrade emails, for instance, provide several opportunities to engage leads that subbed for the trial.

5. Opt For Email Automation
Email marketing is a lot of work. We are talking about a scope of work that is beyond what you should try to do manually. Many of the leads will be interested in your product for a brief time. However, if you miss the time window to send an email, you will lose them. Not to mention that manual email campaigns can be flawed and full of errors.

This is where automation comes in. Almost 50% of businesses use some form of email automation. Thanks to automation, you will be able to send bulk emails. Also, marketing automation solutions can be integrated with CRM solutions to help you target your leads and segment emails hands-free.

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6. Measure Email Effectiveness
How do you know exactly how many leads on your website are there because of your email marketing campaign? Email marketing is not that cheap, and if you don’t track its performance, you may be easily throwing your cash down the drain. As in every other marketing, there are KPIs that you can track the moment you launch your email marketing strategy.

The most important KPIs to track include:

Deliverability – a metric that tells you the percentage of emails of your sent emails that reach customers
Open rate – a percentage of emails that get opened
Click-through rate – a percentage of people that click on a CTA
Unsubscribes – the number of people who unsubscribe from your email list

7. Maintain a Personal Touch
Personalization is a perfect way to get your foot through the door. Yes, it will take up some of your most valuable resource – time. However, it will send a strong message to your leads that you are willing to put the effort to establish meaningful communication with them. For the conversation to be meaningful, the email has to contain at least some information explicitly tailored to your leads.

As an entry point, you can use the line that indicates that you are aware of the last contact your lead had with your brand. You can also talk about specific problems your leads are experiencing and offer a solution.

A great example that comes to mind is Grammarly’s weekly report email that even users that use Grammarly for free receive. Email marketing played a vital role in Grammarly’s growth over the years, finally becoming a SaaS company that has over 7 million daily users.

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8. Use a Multi-Channel Approach
To get the best results from any marketing strategy, you have to consider diversifying your approach. What does this mean exactly? Since you are running a SaaS business, your focus is predominantly on digital marketing. Email marketing is just one of the strategies that you can pursue to generate and capture more leads.

To improve the efficiency of your marketing effort, try to combine various channels. For instance, besides email marketing campaigns, you should focus on SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and PPC. Simply put, email marketing should just be one of the cogs in your digital marketing machine. All the tips we disclosed so far still apply.

9. Launch a Compelling Campaign
Email marketing can truly deliver if you spend some time collecting data and planning a data-driven compelling campaign. The leads are already there. You just have to create a net with your content and cast the line with an email as bait. Everything that you talk about in your emails should be anchored in facts that leads can easily check out.

Vero is one of the SaaS companies that managed to boost SaaS email conversions by 450% thanks to a compelling campaign. To do this, marketing experts at Vero devised an effective campaign and tested it by sending bulk emails. They fine-tuned the email and finally managed to move leads from the start of the sales funnel tool to the end.

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10. Provide Relevant Testimonials

You shouldn’t neglect the fact that more than 70% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business. Spice your emails with testimonials to build trust with your leads and make it easier for them to make a purchasing decision.

To do it, the testimonials you send should be relevant to your services but also resonate with the problems your leads are experiencing. Your existing customers can make the best case for you. To boost conversions, all you have to do is connect potential customers with current users.

It’s a Wrap
Email marketing offers valuable opportunities that SaaS businesses can pursue and accelerate their growth. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to leverage email marketing to convert leads for your SaaS business. Spice up your emails with personalization, segmentation, and powerful CTAs, and watch those KPIs as they paint your success story.

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The Best Way to Start Your Live Chat Conversation

The Best Way to Start Your Live Chat Conversation

I often get asked ‘what’s the most challenging digital channel to deliver superior support?’ Since this question is directly linked to handling conversations, we need to look at each channel’s specific features (social media, live chat, messaging apps). My answer is definitely ‘live chat‘ because it presents many hidden hurdles. The first challenge is the beginning of the conversation, so I’m sharing a real example with you. Hopefully, this will help you to start your live chat as smoothly as possible.

So You’ve Sent Your Question, Then…
As a customer, whenever you start a live chat conversation, you expect to get an immediate response. That’s normal since it’s supposed to happen ‘live’ just like a phone call but without voice. Consequently, the first pitfall you will want to avoid is keeping the customer waiting for a few minutes before a human or virtual agent shows up. Unfortunately, that’s still a pretty underrated factor. It seems that some brands have yet to realize that their customers don’t like waiting! So the best way to start a live chat is providing a first response message, meaning:

An agent answering the customer within 1 minute after their query – thus starting the conversations or
An instant, automatic message letting your customers know their expected waiting time – before starting the live chat and/or
An instant automatic message helping the customer find their answers without needing to have the conversation. (e.g. suggesting relevant self-service content according to keywords used in customer’s inquiry.)

So now let’s have a look at a customer experience I had a couple of weeks ago that perfectly sums up all of the above-mentioned approaches. In fact, as you can see below that when I was typing my question I was immediately prompted with the expected waiting time. That prevented me from getting anxious or upset, even though an agent was unavailable at that very moment.

Then, after a few seconds, the bot suggested some content where I might find the information I was looking for. This made the rest of the live chat conversation unnecessary. And that’s what I call a win-win situation!

Related: take advantage of the Digital Customer Service Personas skill-set model to help them master live chat conversations.

Over To You
When you are about to start your live chat, you may choose amongst different approaches based on volume conversation peaks, agents availability, or other variables. However, I suggest that you combine assisted and self-service options to reduce customer efforts. Thus, optimizing also your customer service agents’ experience – by letting them work on those cases where the customer really needs their assistance.

Have great [live chat] conversations.

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How To Turn SlideShare Into a Traffic Driving Machine

How To Turn SlideShare Into a Traffic Driving Machine

SlideShare is a free tool for converting PowerPoint presentations into Flash. How can this seemingly ordinary service help with driving traffic? Well, actually, it can help greatly in many ways.

We all are looking for the means to increase traffic. It is the primary goal of the majority of sites. And it turns out that a simple presentation can bring lots of people to a website. Let’s take a look at how SlideShare can help you increase your traffic significantly.

Why should you use SlideShare?
Well, the main reason for trying this service is that SlideShare presentations rank well by Google. Keywords and long tail phrases, as well as phrases built around your product’s name, are listed especially well. For example, have a look at these Google search results for quite a common phrase:

As you see, SlideShare allows getting excellent Google results even for complicated keywords. Another great plus is that it is quite tolerant towards a small amount of PR from users – unlike many other sites, such as Hubpages. It means that you can link to your site or any of its pages and not worry that it will get deleted. Good content along with that is a must, though, if you want actually to get some traffic.

Talking about traffic, SlideShare has a crazy amount of daily traffic. More than 70 million unique visitors each month. Naturally, publishing your content there will increase your audience and gain you some credit. And if you post great presentations regularly, the traffic will only grow.

To create a presentation for SlideShare, you will need PowerPoint Themes or any other similar program. Your task is to think of a cool topic in the context of your business.

Here are some key points that will allow your SlideShare presentations work for you.

Attract readers using quality design
The SlideShare audience expects to see a presentation of high quality, which it praises with views and likes. Currently, demand is outstripping supply with more than 200 million views per month. This market offers great opportunities to site owners. Even when you are not a designer, you can still create engaging content here that people will like.

If you choose a trending topic connected to your site/business, developing and uploading a nice-looking (and informative!) presentation, you can get hundreds of views right away; even with no additional promotion. No other social platform shows such results for new users.

Base your presentation on a topic you know well
The primary purpose of your presentation is to confirm you as an expert in your sphere. SlideShare allows marketers and business people do so use familiar visual elements.

The idea is to focus on creating content that is valuable to your target audience. You should always expand your horizons, though. Search for the new topics that you can connect to your site and business; it is a good way to broaden your audience and get more traffic to your site.

Create a promotion strategy before publishing your presentation
It‘s not always easy to gain a lot of attention with your new presentations. Before you publish one, make sure you have a strategy. That way, you’ll have more chances of getting on the SlideShare’s main page to the “hot on…” category.

Before you click the “publish” button, make sure that other members of your marketing team are ready to use your presentation in their campaigns. Look for all the ways to promote it.

Increase traffic by using the right keywords and phrases
A clever usage of keywords and phrases defines your efficiency on SlideShare. As with every other site, users here look for the information they need. Make sure that their searches are easy, and they find you right away.

The easiest way of optimization is using a keyword in the title of the presentation. Besides that, add your keywords as hashtags and include them in the description of your presentation. In tags, write your keyword first, and then add synonyms to get to the bigger audience. Such actions are also good for Google results.

Your content must rock
The most important thing still is to come up with the content that people would want to share. It concerns everything in your presentations including pictures, links, and most importantly, written text. You need to come up with a clear content strategy, and you should work hard on it. A good tip is to develop a content strategy like a coursework. Remember how hard you worked on those? Work as hard now.

Bear in mind that visual content has to be easy to read and comprehend. If you only turn your blog post into a presentation adding lots of text into every slide, people won’t read it. They want simple yet informative text.

For example, take a look at one of the hot presentations on SlideShare right now. The topic is useful for many people, and the images attract a lot of attention.

Show your presentations everywhere
SlideShare is also very convenient, because the presentations are easy to publish on Twitter or your blog or landing page. Thus, your audience doesn’t have to leave their preferred platforms to check out your content. One presentation can be a part of a big campaign. Promoting it through all of your social channels will bring you the best possible results.

Offer people useful guides
Visual content looks attractive and is always in demand. SlideShare seems to know that perfectly well. People perceive information easier if they see what they need to do. Organizing any information into slides allows readers remember the information better; they can easily move back and forward if they have any questions. Here is an excellent example of such a presentation.

The majority of marketing specialists and site owners who work with social platforms, focus on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram. SlideShare is often unfairly underestimated. Thanks to the fact that many marketers ignore this platform, the level of competition here is much lower than on other traditional networks. Today, SlideShare is one of the places where you can attract a lot of attention to your content from the very start. Don’t waste this opportunity.

Lead/Featured image:

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Want More Web Traffic? Now’s The Time To Think Socially!

Want More Web Traffic? Now’s The Time To Think Socially!

Today we are examining whether you think socially about web traffic.

And the first thing we need to get straight is what you envisage is web traffic. Do you consider getting a high number of visits to your website as successful? Do stats like 200,000+ a month get your juices flowing?

Sure, these kinds of numbers look really good in the report you give to your boss. Your blog or website looks like it’s really going places with these results.

But think again. What impact did these 200,000+ visitors have on your website? Were you inundated with orders? Was your email jammed by the equivalent number of requests for more information?

You see, you really need to think about which kind of web traffic is more beneficial to you. Empty numbers followed by minimal action? Or a few, loyal visitors who regularly return to participate in what you have to offer?

Are You Blinded By Web Traffic Statistics?
One of my competitors I keep an eye on has huge numbers of visits as web traffic to his blog. One look at these stats and you’d be ready to hang up the towel and retire to the country to grow radishes.

My lowly little blog just cannot compete. So I don’t. It’s true that I would always like to have more readers, but at the end of the day, if I get enough comments on my posts to prove I’ve written sense, then I’m happy.

My competitor also enjoys a lively commenting scene. It’s not surprising with the number of people who visit his blog. He will always have a goodly number of replies to whatever he writes. He doesn’t need to think socially with his reputation, his web traffic gives him more than enough.

But in my case, I relish the quality of comments I get. And this is possible because I understand who most of my commenters are. They also know if they wish for their contributions to get published, a suitable amount of effort on their part is needed.

How Much Do You Know Your Visitors?
The answer is to accrue regular returners to your blog. My web traffic stats may not be something to write home about, but it is my readers who I am most proud of.

It’s all about the need to think socially when writing your posts and replying to your comments. Blogs were created to be two-way, a medium for dialogue, with comments allowing a connection with whoever reads what you write. People who turn off their commenting facilities are failing to think socially or satisfy their readers’ needs.

You may not be getting hundreds of thousands of people visiting your blog every month. But if you had to try to get to know all of these, this obviously would be impossible. Be content with those who do, and encourage them to return and comment again. These visitors are the life-blood of your blog, and should be treated as such.

Avoid falling into the trap of thinking that high numbers for web traffic are valid, necessary, and your only objective. Many bloggers are programmed into thinking like this. But the result is an empty, faceless, fleeting, and anonymous visitor-set who mostly do nothing for your blog.

Adapt Your Mindset To Start To Think Socially
Now that you’ve come to terms with the fact you might not achieve those lofty heights in visitor numbers, it’s time to start thinking socially whenever you write, both posts and comment replies. In fact, this is exactly what successful bloggers have been doing for years!

And look at all those influencers! Their popularity has been achieved not only through their broadcasts, but with the conversations they have with their fans afterwards. Without this repartee going on in the comments, their community will not achieve the sense of belonging which so many of them crave.

These celebrities do get hundreds of thousands of people trying to communicate with them. Hard work for their teams to cope (you didn’t expect them to answer each comment personally, did you?). But the result is huge amounts of web traffic because they think socially.

These visitor stats are not empty. Very rarely do they suffer from high bounce rates. But there is the added problem of trolls and other unsuitable miscreants who are out to cause mischief. Popularity does have its downsides.

What Does Thinking Socially Involve?
Basically, thinking socially is focusing on others, rather than on yourself. A good commenter will direct what they say to the author of the post and their readers. They will keep to the subject, show appreciation, be kind and forthcoming, and write in a conversational style.

Another aspect is making sense of what is happening, in this case, the post’s content, and thinking accordingly. There is no reference to themselves or their business, especially in the form of including a link. The comment’s purpose is to add value and be either interesting or helpful, such as offering a solution to a problem.

The idea is to encourage a reply in return. The best method to achieve this is by asking a question. Not only does this show an interest in the post and its subject, but few people can resist answering it!

And the writing style should concentrate on making the reader feel comfortable. If they are able to relate to the author, feel a connection to the subject, and sense an affinity with the situation, they are more likely to respond.

Take a look at the infographic below:

So How Does This Relate To More Web Traffic?
You meant quality web traffic, right? Of course you did. Plenty of people regularly return to your blog, and are willing to engage by commenting on what you write.

And you know what? The method I’m going to suggest probably won’t cost as much as hiring someone to do SEO or PPC advertising. All you need is a focused mindset, an enthusiasm to communicate, an interest in your readers, and an ability to write excellent comments yourself.

Yes, you need to put in the effort – especially when it comes to getting recognised within your niche, allowing people to get to know, like, and trust you, and being appreciated for your writing skills. And this means getting out into the blogosphere and commenting on other blogs.

It’s all about giving before you start to receive. Show your interest in others. Find out more about them by asking questions. Solve their problems by freely helping them. Adding value to your comments could make a difference to someone’s day. In other words, think socially when commenting.

Get Noticed To Get More Web Traffic
This isn’t a matter of being everywhere, it’s what you do once you’ve shown up. It’s all too easy to reduce your activities to ‘dumping and disappearing’, which is posting a link to your latest post on social media in the vain attempt for someone to click on it, but then not sticking around to see what engagement you get (if any).

Whereas if you were to accompany your notification with an introduction or explanation, along with a tantalising image, and then add the link into your first comment below, not only will you get more reach from the algorithms, but people will be more interested in reading it as well. This is not just another dumped link, this could be something worthwhile to read.

And then you need to hang around, or set up notifications to alert you of any activity, so you can respond within a reasonable amount of time. It is this awareness, rather than abandonment, which could make all the difference to getting noticed, forming social relationships through commenting, and ultimately getting clicks as web traffic back to your blog.

It’s the same with blog commenting. Drawing attention to yourself by writing appropriate responses to people’s posts will get you noticed. If you can create a rapport with the blog’s author through commenting, the resulting conversations may be interesting to other readers. And if what you write creates a good enough impression, people may be compelled to click on your name to visit your blog to find out more.

Communities Provide Both Web Traffic And How To Think Socially
Participation is a great tool to encourage a community. This is something you should encourage your readers to do naturally. Commenting needs to be a method of two-way interaction between the blogger and those who read their content. Readers need to feel comfortable enough to want to have their say, and even regularly return to do this.

It’s all about communication. Think about who you are talking to, and write content that they can relate to. Give them a reason to connect with your conversational style. Understand your readers fully so that you can provide the content they want. Ask for feedback and showing appreciation by reacting and acknowledging it.

A lively community of readers will not just comment, but may share your content around their own social profiles. Recommendations, along with Word of Mouth, are powerful marketing tactics. People value, as well as notice, what other people think or say, as this is usually delivered in a far more relatable format than from the original source.

Other marketing methods such as UGC (user-generated content) will help to generate more web traffic from your loyal readers. Setting up contests also encourages more participation, especially when incentivised to tell others about it to receive more votes. Roundup posts will result in more interest from respected experts in your field, not to mention views from their fans and readers.

Start Increasing Your Commenting Activity
Hands up if you didn’t consider commenting as a method to get more web traffic? Go on, you won’t be alone. Neither, I suspect, did you think about using think socially tactics within your comments.

Hopefully, this post will have opened your eyes to a myriad of new possibilities. Accruing a high volume of visits doesn’t necessarily mean similar rates of engagement and interaction. So you need to work at this by doing more yourself. Getting noticed and making social relationships is a great way of increasing web traffic back to your blog or website.

You could continue to waste your money on expensive SEO or PPC tactics, or you could go down the social route and start being nice to everybody within the blogosphere! It does require effort, it may not be something you could delegate, but the results are definitely more fulfilling!

It’s quite easy to find out more about how to do this through my courses. Alternatively, you could just click on my name in the bio below to ask me a question, or let me know what you thought about this post in the comments below. I would be very interested to receive your opinions on this subject.

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4 Reasons Small Business Should Consider Mass Email

4 Reasons Small Business Should Consider Mass Email

Whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner, your budget can get tight from time to time. You have to make sure you are spending your money wisely and a mass email service is one way to grow your business. If you aren’t quite convinced on why you need to be utilizing email marketing, or more specifically, mass emailing, we’ve compiled a list of 4 reasons why we believe you should be.

4 Reasons Small Businesses Need to Use Email Marketing
1. Better Customer Retention
Consistent engagement with your audience will give your customers a reason to keep coming back to you and your business. Sending out emails to give customers updates about you and your company, new product launches, or special deals can make them feel included and build your relationship with them. Email has been noted as one of the most lucrative digital marketing strategies and you get to have your space just as much as the big players do. Even on a small budget, a business can benefit from building a meaningful relationship with its customers to turn them into advocates for your brand.

2. Promote Your Products
If you can’t afford to spend money on advertising on digital platforms like Instagram and Facebook or local marketing like newspapers and magazines, you can use your email list that you already have to promote your products. According to a recent study, 66% of consumers had made a purchase online due to an email marketing campaign. It not only gives you the opportunity to advertise to your target audience who have already joined your email list, but you also are allowing consumers to purchase your products right from their phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

By using a mass email service, you can send out a single email to hundreds or thousands of your (potential) customers all over the world and all at once. They will recognize your brand and remember you. This makes your emails feel a lot less like spam and a lot more like personal mail. Just as we’ve mentioned before, building this relationship is crucial to expanding your business.

3. Increase Your Reporting Effort
Not only will a mass email service send out your emails for you, but it will also give you more insight into who your audience is. It will tell you if they are opening your emails, and what kinds of emails work best for your brand. Having a service to organize your email list can be a game-changer for your company and take your organization up a notch. Along with that, there are integration features enabling you to send out mass emails on platforms like Gmail. So you don’t need to learn an entirely new emailing system.

Using a mass email service through your Gmail account is much more efficient and beneficial than using the limited features that Gmail offers. Mass email services will offer you deeper insights. Google does not have the capabilities to let you see where your emails are landing and check your bounce rates. But the emailing service can offer you these features and more. You will also be able to test your emails before you send them to ensure that they are not blacklisted, DMARC, and more.


4. Have Experts to Help
As a small business or a single freelancer, you won’t have enough bandwidth to master everything about email marketing. This is why a mass email service is essential. Your email service should be taking a load off your shoulders and doing everything you would not have time or the knowledge to do yourself.

There are services that will have different ways to go about helping their clients. But you should always make sure that it matches up with you and your business model. Do you mind going through a ticketing system if you have questions? Wouldn’t you rather have a direct contact who you can call at the company? They will be able to assist you to have a successful email marketing journey.

In Closing
Being meticulous about how you spend your marketing dollars is a must for small businesses and freelancers, but you should not be looking past an email marketing service. These services can:

Bring you new business
Build your relationships with returning customers
Allow you to promote new products and services

With so many options, make sure you do your research into different email marketing platforms to find one that is the right fit for you and your company.

After graduating from Robert Morris University, Jocelyn Burns dived straight into the digital marketing industry. Her focus is in social media strategy and copywriting for brands all across the board including those in the entertainment, insurance, and service industries. You can connect with Jocelyn on LinkedIn here.

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7 Steps For Writing The Perfect Landing Page Copy (With Examples)

7 Steps For Writing The Perfect Landing Page Copy (With Examples)

Whether you’re a B2B sales manager, B2B sales rep, or a digital marketer, if you have ever attempted to write a landing page copy that converts, then you already know what a daunting task that can be.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a master wordsmith to write a copy that speaks to your audience.

All you need is the right formula to help you get started creating great copy for your landing pages – and that’s exactly what this article is about.

In it, you will discover 7 steps for writing the perfect landing page copy, as well as examples for each step.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Step #1: Establish the Primary Goal of Your Landing Page
What is the purpose of your landing page?

Your first step is to answer this question in detail.

For instance, is the goal of your landing page to generate leads?

Do you want to offer a lead magnet relating to your industry so you can grow your list?

Or maybe you want to focus on segmenting your email list so you can grow a more niche-focused audience?

It could even be that you want to encourage product sales and make money from your landing page traffic.

The most common landing page copy goals include things such as:

Contact form submission
Email subscription
Product sale
SaaS trial signup
Direct call
Click-through to a follow-up page

Whatever your goal, your landing page copy needs to elicit actions from your audience that will help you accomplish that goal.

Say, for instance, your brand offered a predictive dialing tool.

You might create a landing page with an offer for a FREE demonstration so prospects can experience the potential of the tool.

With that in mind, below are a few considerations to create landing page copy that converts.

The copy must be:

Clear: Your audience should never have to second-guess what you’re offering. Make it extremely clear what you are sharing with them.
Concise: Your landing page copy should be shorter than other pages on your site, which means you must get your message across in as few words as you can.
Engaging: Your landing page acts as a personal invitation to your brand and the email list community you’re building. Make sure it’s enticing enough to make your audience want to take the next step.
Memorable: In today’s saturated online world, it’s more crucial than ever for brands to stand out from competitors. Writing the perfect landing page copy will help you do just that by positioning you as a knowledgeable expert.
Actionable: The entire goal of your landing page copy is to get your audience to take some sort of action. For the most part, this comes down to how compelling your call to action is (something that we will discuss later in the article).

When going through the rest of the steps, use the points above to make sure you incorporate each of the characteristics into every step.

And remember, these tips apply even on your landing page pop-ups.

Step #2: Find the Core Problem
The main goal of your landing page is to drive action.

For this to happen, you must guide your audience from where they are at the time of landing on your page, to the point where they take the action you want them to take.

This means you have to map out a linear narrative journey.

To do this, first identify the main problem faced by your target audience.

For example, an SEO copywriter might build his landing page around most business owners’ lack of SEO knowledge which results in the inability to rank their content high in the search engines.

When you’ve located the main issue, it’s simply a matter of writing copy that ethically agitates them.

After all, it’s hard to motivate people to solve problems they don’t even know exist.

So, ask yourself the following questions:

What problems do the members of your audience struggle with?
What is holding them back from improving their lives?
What is preventing them from learning something new?
What are their doubts and fears?

Write down anything that comes to mind, and then order the problems based on the impact they have on your target audience.

Do your best to determine ONE CORE PROBLEM for your landing page copy.

This is essentially a practice in what’s called customer empathy mapping.

Also called “customer journey mapping”, this is where you try to look at the problem from your audience’s point of view.

Here’s an example from a sleep website, Sleep Junkie.

Their landing page is designed to position them as experts in the industry, and they focus on their customers’ problems with finding the right mattress size and dimension for optimal sleep.

And remember, in as much as your page needs a singular objective, it also needs to focus on a singular audience in order to be effective.

If you know the exact audience you’re addressing, then it’s easy to determine their main problem.

You may also want to read: Optimize Conversions from Your Website Landing Page

Step #3: Offer Your Solution As the Obvious Choice
Mapping out a linear narrative journey for your landing page copy starts with finding the core problem, as explained above.

Your next step is to offer your solution as the number one choice.

Keep in mind that customers have TONS of choices when it comes to purchasing products and services to solve their problems.

So why should they choose yours?

As an example:

If someone was searching for a reliable web host, they might come across a comparison of Bluehost and Hostgator.

What would make them choose one over the other?

It all comes down to being able to perfect your unique selling proposition (USP).

This will allow you to set your business apart from the competitors.

You also need to have a well-defined value proposition that focuses on how your customers’ lives will be improved by using your product.

As such, when creating your landing page copy, your customer must be positioned as the hero.

Clearly show what THEY will get by choosing you over your competitors.

Your value proposition is simply a short sentence or phrase that describes the “value” your customer will get from your products or service.

It’s often used as a headline or subheader on your landing page.

Your value proposition should accomplish the following things:

It needs to clearly define your offer
It must specify exactly who it’s for
And it should differentiate your value

Examples from Popular Brands:

Evernote: Remember Everything
Evernote has a wide range of products and apps that make modern life manageable.

Their value proposition is simple: Their tools let you easily find and collect everything that matters.

Preply: Prepare to Speak Confidently
Preply has online tutors and language experts from all around the world.

They offer lessons to help you learn how to speak naturally so you can make a good impression in any language.


TimeTackle: Optimize Your Time
This site offers a WordPress guest blogging plugin that allows bloggers to build links, drive more traffic, and increase their rankings.

They have a simple value proposition that speaks to all bloggers’ needs: More posts, Less legwork.


As you can see, the value propositions above describe what the company will do for you and how they’re going to do it.

If you are struggling to come up with a value proposition for your product or service, use the following template to help you get started:

“I help [niche/audience] to [solve problem/achieve result] by [product/service]”

Step #4: Communicate the Desired Outcome
The solution you offer is meant to assist your audience in solving a problem so they can reach some goal in their life.

This is what is called a “desired outcome”, and it will often relate to the bigger visions that your audience has for their business or personal life.

So, in addition to positioning your product or service as the ideal solution, you also need to communicate the desired outcome.

To do this, focus on how your product works, as well as its features and benefits.

For example, a site that offers webinar software, such as the one in the image below, might build a landing page around how businesses can use webinars to increase sales – an outcome that many businesses desire.

The bulk of your landing page copy will be made up of:

The problem and solution
Your value proposition
Your product/service features and benefits
How your product/service works

Having a firm understanding of your customer journey will be of great help in writing this copy.

You can use customer behavior analysis tools to help you get these right and make your landing page more effective.

Once you have a draft of your landing page copy, there are still a few other important elements that can have a major impact on the success of your landing page:

The headline,
and Call to action.

Below, we take a look at each of them in more detail.

You may also want to read: How To Increase Landing Page Conversions (13 Pro Tips)

Step #5: Headline Copy
As anyone in marketing will tell you, your headline is important as it’s one of the first things your audience sees when they get to your landing page.

It’s your chance to make a good first impression, and it’s crucial to get it right.

You want to craft a captivating headline that IMMEDIATELY captures the attention of your audience and compels them to continue reading about your offer.

If your headline is vague, or if it feels like it isn’t a fit for your audience, they may not believe the offer is right for them and click away from your landing page.

You need to ensure that your headline conveys the value of your offer.

It should address their UNIQUE pain points and offer a helpful solution.

You can write your headline as a simple statement or as a question.

Using a question headline is particularly effective because it naturally leads your landing page visitors to read the description copy that follows (which we talk about in the next step).

If you are having trouble coming up with headlines, here are a few headline formulas to get you started.

Simply fill in your own information to complete the prompts:

How to Turn [Problem] into [Desired Outcome]
Worried You’ll Never Achieve [Desired Outcome]?
Here’s Your Chance to Accomplish [Desired Outcome] with [Free Offer]
[X] Genius Ways to Solve [Pain Point]

Pro Tip: Keep your headline short and concise. About five to twelve words should do it.

And remember to always use a tool like Copyleaks to ensure your copy is 100% original and error-free.

Step #6: Description
Just like your headline, your description should be short and to the point.

It’s meant to give your landing page visitors any additional information they may require before making the decision to take the action required on your landing page.

The description should be no longer than two paragraphs (about 2 to 4 sentences), and the copy should:

Capture the audience’s attention;
Tell them more about the offer; and
Answer their biggest questions so you can get them excited about your offer.

While it’s all right to have one-sentence descriptions for your landing page copy, it’s a good idea to give more details.

This will help you make an easy transition to the call to action.

For instance, say you were building a landing page focused on order confirmation emails.

You might have a more detailed description that lets business owners know why it’s vital to have the right template for such emails.

You can even use the example above (or any other description, as a matter of fact) as a template to create your own landing page description by inserting your information, as follows:

“Prepare for your next [pain point 1] using this [offer] that will help bring you [desired outcome] and reduce your [pain point 2].”

You may also want to read: How To Build The Perfect Website Landing Page

Step #7: Call to Action (CTA) Button Copy
Once your audience has read your landing page headline and description, they will be searching for instructions on what they should do next.

That’s where your call to action comes in.

Sales expert advice is clear about the fact that while your CTA button text may be the smallest amount of copy on the landing page, it should be unmistakable.

First of all, it should be clearly visible on the page so your audience knows what to do at a glance in order to take the next step.

Secondly, your CTA should be worded in a way that encourages your audience to click the button and take the next step.

This is essential as your CTA directly affects your conversions.

One of the best ways to craft effective CTAs is by including action words like “download”, “buy”, “join”, etc. in your button copy.

Depending on the action you want your audience to take, you might choose CTA button text such as:

Download Now
Buy Now!
Shop Now
Join the Challenge
Sign Me Up!
Get the Toolkit
Send It to Me.
I’m In!

Whatever you choose, make sure the wording is aligned with the rest of the landing page copy, as well as your brand voice.

Here’s an example of an effective CTA button copy from a popular brand that sells sexy outfits:


As you can see, the brand does a good job of using a strong and compelling call to action to get their audience to consider sending lingerie on Valentine’s day, instead of the traditional gift of flowers.

Pro Tip: Creating a landing page copy is just the first step. You also need to have a HIGH-CONVERTING landing page design for your page to be successful.

Luckily, there are easy ways to build great-looking and well-optimized landing pages, such as using a website landing page builder like Wix or Shopify.

Also, remember to use the right tools like this online video maker to help you create visually appealing videos and images that will make your landing page memorable.

If you can’t create the images for your landing page yourself, you can hire a freelancer to do it for you.

There you have it. 7 steps for writing the perfect landing page copy.

Whether you’re a content marketer, email marketer, influencer, or paid acquisition manager, use the information in this article to help you craft effective landing page copy that speaks to your audience and drives conversions.

Your turn! What other techniques do you know for writing killer conversion copy? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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