13 Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives That Pays Higher Affiliate Commissions

Amazon Affiliate Alternatives
22Apr, 2020

13 Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives That Pays Higher Affiliate Commissions

In the recent news unlikely to thrill millions of its teeming affiliates program members, Amazon announced a slash of affiliate commission rates effective from April 21. 

That much was contained in an email sent out by Amazon to their associates. 

Amazon Revised Commission Rates

Never particularly remunerative, at least when compared to other affiliate networks. Amazon affiliate commission rates have suffered further cuts that are bound to set their affiliate partners revenue earnings back by more than half. 

Furniture and home improvement products, which previously have the highest affiliate commissions from qualifying purchases, were slashed from 8% to 3%. The commission rate for grocery products has taken a hit too, dropping from 5% to 1%. 

Already, members of the program have decried the downward review across multiple forums, with “ridiculous” and “gloomy” prominent among their judgments. 

One thing is certain: people who rely on this program for their income, or even a major part of it, will be having a really tough time adjusting to the new rates. 

It’s even worse now than when such a scenario played out some years back. Members simply switched to other categories that offered higher commission earnings. 

Amazon Revised Commissions

Now, it appears that the end of the road has finally reached. Rates have flatlined massively across all niches. The only way, it seems, for several Amazon affiliate partners to stay on top of the situation is a clean break; a fresh start elsewhere, and several are seriously considering switching to other Amazon affiliate alternatives. 

But even this is not without its unique risks. 

To abandon the Amazon Associates program now would amount to throwing away decades of hard-earned credibility for some of them, and if they were to join up with another affiliate program, they would need to start earning credibility and trust of their subscribers again, to drive sales and earn commissions. It’s a catch 22 situation. 

Besides, the perks offered by the Amazon affiliate program are unmatched by other Amazon affiliate alternatives. 

     Advantages of Amazon Affiliate Program

  • Brand Name: Let’s face it, this helps quite a bit. Amazon records such consistently high conversion rates because they have an impeccable brand authority which in turn attracts more customers. 
  • Unlimited Products Choice: The sheer number of products offered by Amazon increases the chances of conversion irrespective of your selected niche. 
  • Festive Season Hike: Holiday seasons usually multiply conversion rates and by extension, commissions. 
  • Optimized Amazon Website: Amazon’s Optimized UX makes it supremely difficult for customers to leave without purchasing anything. Amazon almost does all the work for you. 
  • Commissions On All Products: Amazon has a 24 hours cookie duration. If a visitor purchases a different product from the one advertised by you within that period, you still get paid. 

Advantages Of Amazon Affiliate Alternatives

  • More Affiliate Cookie Duration: Many other Amazon affiliate alternatives offer you up to 90 days of cookie duration, in stark contrast to Amazon, which only offers 24 hours. 
  • More Flexibility: Working with Amazon affiliate alternatives can often feel like a risky and tiresome venture due to their stringent terms of service. You’ll feel less like you’re treading on eggshells with other platforms. 
  • High Commission Rates: Some Amazon affiliate alternatives offer as high as 50% commission on some products, and this comfortably trumps Amazon’s offer of 3%. I mean, that’s hardly commensurate to your efforts. 
  • Greater Calm: Having a fall back option in case of any eventuality has always been a smart business strategy, and it becomes more pertinent here. 

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13 Best Amazon Affiliate Alternatives in 2020

In case you’re wondering if there are viable alternatives to the Amazon Affiliate Program, here are some Amazon affiliate alternatives for you to consider.

  • Manufacturer’s Website: Here’s a not so common fact: Manufacturers prefer it if people make purchases directly from their sites, as retailers and sellers such as Amazon are entitled to a cut from every sale driven by them. 

Another fact is: most manufacturers have their own in house affiliates in their site, and are usually happy enough to set up a partner account for you if you deliver consistently. 

All you need to do is set up a partner account and review their products on your site just as you did with Amazon. The difference is, visitors will be engaging directly with the manufacturers when they click on your affiliate link. 

  • Avantlink: With over 10 years experience in the market, Avantlink offers a simplified start-up experience while boasting a myriad of top merchants in almost every niche, such as Pharmaca, KEEN footwear and Eastern Mountain Sports, just to mention a few. 

Other features such as a detailed overview of each program before you sign up, customized tracking and third-party tools make working with Avantlink a viable choice. 

  • Commission Junction (CJ): Commission Junction has a prominent presence in the fitness niche, counting Nordictrack as one of the merchants they deal with. Alongside Avantlink, this affiliate network seems to have cornered the treadmill market. 

You can engage with CJ as an advertiser with the singular goal of increasing engagements, A cost-per-sale advertiser, or as a cost-per-lead advertiser. 

With consistently high commissions, CJ offers rates that can compete favourably with the best. 

  • ShareASale: This popular affiliate platform launched in 2000 and features more than 4000 merchants. This affords you unfettered flexibility when deciding on a merchant to work with. It also offers physical as well as digital products. 

ShareASale affords affiliates the option to link prospective buyers straight to a registration page on the merchant’s website, bypassing the home page. This process, known as Deep Link guarantees your commissions. It also provides tools for you to track your engagements. 

  • Rakuten Affiliate Network – Formerly Linkshare: With a wide array of global brands backing them Rakuten is one of the instantly recognizable names in Affiliate marketing. Founded in 1997, Rakuten was voted as the #1 affiliate network six times running. 

With over 1,000 merchants in their network, their slogan is not far off the mark. Featuring loads of awesome tools, and easily navigable site, easily customizable ads and easy worldwide payouts, this network is fairly enticing, if you can work around the absence of a PayPal option. 

  • Affiliaxe: Based in Israel, this affiliate network offers a 5% commission for referrals. You have the freedom to use PPV, PPC, social media and Email resources to drive traffic. However, unlike Amazon, you are permitted to run paid adverts to improve engagements and conversions. 

Affiliaxe offers a variety of tools to improve monetization capacity. They also boast one of the quickest payments and are always available to assist you in the event of any difficulty. 

  • MaxBounty: One of the most popular affiliate marketing networks, MaxBounty has been rated #1 by advertisers for two years running. With a network of over 20,000 affiliates, a cost-per-action pricing model and over 200 advertisers on the network, MaxBounty is one of the strongest brands in the market. 

Offering affiliates a multitude of commission types and advertisers a global reach, more than 2,000 offers are available for members to select from, in niches such as diet, games, mobile, etc. Interestingly, new affiliates are granted a $1,000 performance-based bonus, provided they can earn a minimum of $1,000 per month in their first three months on the network. 

  • ClickBank: ClickBank offers mostly digital products and a hassle-free signup system. They also offer affiliates a variety of niches to choose from and by extension more opportunities, with over two dozen categories. 

ClickBank offers one of the highest rates in the industry, with a frankly astonishing 70% commission on products. Yes, that’s right. Another wonderful feature of theirs is their wonderfully quick payments, which can be received weekly. Payment is made seamlessly with Payoneer, contributing to the vast popularity of this network. 

  • MarketHealth: MarketHealth are giants of the health and beauty affiliate program who also double as manufacturers of over 200 health and beauty products. 

With a high conversion rate, they offer some of the industry’s highest payouts. Affiliates who bring in buying customers are also guaranteed recurring income from further engagements made by the client. They also offer cutting edge technology to help affiliates monitor their engagements. 

  • ReviMedia: With over 1200 offers and 35 verticals, this affiliate network specializes in the finance sector and their habit of delivering winning campaigns on both national and international levels make them highly rated. Operating as an online lead generation network, they have a high conversion rate and a strong emphasis on entrepreneurship. 

Their pricing model is CPL, and they boast really fast payments. A variety of options make payments smooth, hassle-free and accessible from any part of the world. 

  • 2Checkout: Boasting of over 50,000 affiliates, this affiliate network is one of the more instantly recognizable names, with merchants such as Softonic, cNet and MajorGeeks among their clients. The network prides itself as an all-in-one monetization platform for global businesses.

Offering commissions of over 75%, 2Checkout is one of the highest paying affiliate marketing networks around. They also offer a high cookie validity. 

  • MoreNiche: MoreNiche is the biggest health and beauty affiliate network based in the UK. They count several leading industry names in the bodybuilding, sports nutrition, and weight loss niches. 

Offering commissions that are as high as 50% on some products, MoreNiche is one of the highest paying affiliate programs around. Not only that, but they also offer a range of mouthwatering bonus schemes that may enable affiliates to earn up to 100% commissions. 

Payment is quick and easy, done across a multitude of platforms in various currencies including USD, GBP and EUR. Their affiliate support is also top-notch and unmatched. 

  • PepperJam: Pepperjam encourages a transparent system that rewards publishers who provide a full description of their methods to advertisers with the ultimate aim of building strong, lasting relationships. 

They also have a highly personalised service system, and try to guide affiliates to prevent them from violating company policies. 

With over 1500 advertisers, Pepperjam boasts a massive clientele list, while stress-free signup and low payout threshold are some of their advantages. 

Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Amazon Affiliate Alternatives

With an array of choices, picking the perfect Amazon affiliate alternatives can be a tiring and tricky undertaking. But a careful consideration of these factors can help you make informed decisions and ultimately lead you to the right affiliate program for you. 

  • Size: As in most other ventures, the size of the affiliate network matters. The larger networks gain instant credibility, at least in the minds of advertisers and the more advertisers the network can attract, the more products available for you to market, which may translate to higher commission rates. It is a virtuous cycle. 
  • Experience: Nothing speaks of competence and expertise more than experience. Therefore, look for Amazon affiliate alternatives that have been around long enough to have garnered sufficient knowledge about the workings of the system. This will afford you peace of mind and may prevent loss in the long run. 
  • Reputation: A highly essential commodity in the world of commerce, brand reputation is what ensures that the biggest networks never run out of advertisers. Brand reputation will also make your work easier, as customers are far more likely to engage with a name they are familiar with, especially with the bigger orders. Look for affiliate networks that have a good reputation, because reputation breeds trust. 
  • Affiliate model & payment platforms: Look out for Amazon affiliate alternatives that offer marketing models and cookie life that suits you best. Ideally, look for networks that offer recurring payments. It’s also important that you carefully consider their payment options, especially if you’re operating in a different country. Some affiliate networks offer more flexibility than others. 

Can you make money with Amazon affiliate alternatives?

The short answer is, yes indeed! Some Amazon affiliate alternatives offer as high as a 75% commission rate and if you’re able to provide content that drives sales consistently, affiliate marketing can be a really good source of passive income, if not your main source of income. 

Can I make money with Amazon affiliate alternatives without a website?

While you should own a website as an affiliate, you can certainly make money from Amazon affiliate alternatives without one. Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are good channels for affiliate marketing. YouTube ads are also effective, while other strategies like Email marketing, posting on online forums, PPC affiliate marketing, and posting on content publishing platforms can guarantee you a tidy income without you owning a website. 


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