The 7 Worst Link Building Myths Holding Back Your Campaign

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The 7 Worst Link Building Myths Holding Back Your Campaign

There have been a lot of myths surrounding link-building among link builders and link owners, most of which will be discussed in this article.

Linking is a step away from making your brand known to the world through various sites.

When you put up your link on a trusted and reliable site, your sales or ranking improves due to the traffic conversion.

Consequently, there are many benefits associated with having your link in the post of an established site, especially when your brand is cited there.

Talking about the benefits you stand to gain from link-building, first you experience an increase in website traffic.

This traffic, if productive, can help build your website, brand or business as it exposes your services to the world.

Also, link-building is the only way that you can climb the search rankings. To have a higher ranking in the search for keywords, you need to have a higher percentage of backlinks.

And with backlinks, you stand to gain higher website metrics and SEO scores. Also, know that the higher your metrics the better.

A high percentage in your website metrics is crucial for the sustainability of your website. This also helps in improving the visibility and exposure of your website.

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Lastly and most importantly, backlinks help to establish your brand as an authority voice in the racks of other brands.

However, as I’ve earlier mentioned, there are still a couple of myths surrounding the building of backlinks for websites and brand development.

There is ill-conceived information on link building which people tend to believe is true and has cast a negative shade on link building.

And in this article, I’ll be examining 7 of these myths and how true or false they are about to link building.

Myths Concerning Link Building

Here, I’ll be talking about the popular myths surrounding link building. 

With no time to spare, let’s see the myths:

  1. Backlinks Are a ‘Top’ Google Ranking Factor

The first misconception or myth on my list is that people perceive backlinks as the most crucial Google ranking element.

Earlier, links, content, and RankBrain were considered to be Google’s primary ranking factors.

However, if this perception would be true, then it ignores the numerous indications for ranking published posts.

Indications such as the query intent, user interface and a whole host of other ranking elements would be rejected for having a vast amount of backlinks in a post.

Therefore backlinks aren’t what google use in their ratings as popularly misconceived.

Have in mind that Google does not only rely on the backlinks for their ratings but also employs several dynamic algorithms to determine the outcomes of different questions for different user objectives.

However, this does not mean that backlinks are not an important ranking signal, as the backlinks have a vast influence on first-page search results with other factors remaining equal.

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  1. The Penguin Penalty

As opposed to what you’re thinking, Penguin is not a discipline measure from Google, it is just an algorithm.

What then is the penguin penalty all about? Let’s see a few of its features and how it operates.

When your site is being devalued, Google would not notify you because of its backlink profile.

Also, Recovering from an algorithmic devaluation proposes even easy remedies, as opposed to what people think.

The penguin penalty also prompts negative sitewide ranking actions after devaluation, yet Google claims that it does not.

  1. Link Quality Can Be Defined by DA or PA

Moving on to the next myth, which is most common. Link builders and owners tend to measure link quality by a Domain Authority (DA) or Trust Flow.

There is no resolved idea of how search engines define link quality, so all we have are assumptions and myth.

Therefore, one is left to define what link quality is. 

This leads people to consider using third-party metrics, such as Domain Authority (DA) and Trust Flow to measure link quality.

However, this is not so because DA is not a ranking signal, neither does it reveal how much quality a link possesses.

  1. Asking Someone for a Link Is Spammy

The next myth on link building is that when you ask another site owner for a link, it is considered spammy.

However, it is until you share the link via exchange on your site that it is to be seen as spammy.

You are at liberty to ask for someone’s link and also share yours too to ensure that your website reaches a wider audience through the backlinks.

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  1. High Link Velocity Contribute to Manual Penalties

A lot of link builders and website owners fear the compiling of backlinks in a single post, as they think it would affect its keyword rank negatively.

As untrue as others have been, so is this one too.

Having several backlinks in your content doesn’t attract any manual penalty.

Also know that when a person links to your content on their website, it boosts Its visibility and allows it to acquire additional links.

  1. Guest Posting Negatively Contributes to Link Building

More so, most people are of the thought that guest posting attracts negative impacts to link building.

However, this is false.

Search engines can not punish you for linking your guest post to a highly relevant publication to market your brand.

  1. Link Building Is All About Links

Here, we come to the last myth surrounding link building that can be holding back your campaign.

Link building isn’t just about getting a lot of traffic on your site.

It also entails Increasing your brand’s popularity across the web and Showcasing your brand’s authority and value.

Bottom line

The popular misconceptions about link building have left many link builders and owners to lose faith in the value of  SEO.

And for this reason, they have dropped the manual link building practices for more ‘ natural ‘ methods.

However, the benefits of link building can never be underestimated as it helps to build your website and your brand.

As has been explicitly stated discussed in this article, the pros of link building are inexhaustible, and the gains are remarkably great too.

I hope this article has helped remove the veil that covered your eyes to the benefits of link building.

And I believe that when next you’re told of a certain myth surrounding link building, you would be able to counter them.

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