5 Common Reasons Email Outreach Fails to Hit the Mark

5 Common Reasons Email Outreach Fails to Hit the Mark
15Jul, 2021

5 Common Reasons Email Outreach Fails to Hit the Mark

Most Email outreach often fails to meet the desired target as it is constantly done the wrong way.

When planning an email outreach, there are some factors you should put into consideration to ensure that it eventually is successful.

There are reasons why this failure occurs and this article explicitly discusses them.

In this article, you find 5 of the common reasons why email outreach fails to hit the preconceived desires and how you can learn to avoid them.

More so, as popular misconception would put it, that cold emails have little or no effect on the net anymore, I tell you that’s false!

Email outreach meets the desired target, majority of the time, especially when done effectively.

Sadly, people think that it is some game of luck and chance of whether you’d get a response or not.

I would like you to know that cold emails are as effective as other outreach media out there, if not more effective than the rest.

This is because as soon as the desired audience receives the contents of your message, they’re promoted to respond, either negatively or positively, we hope for the former.

Perhaps you don’t know, but your manner of approach is a determining factor as to whether or not your email outreach would receive a positive response.

This article is an eye-opener on the ways you’ve probably been doing your email outreach wrongly and how you can adapt rightly.

Nevertheless, you should understand that email outreach is not merely an optimisation, rather personalization is an email essential. 

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You should try to make quantitative research on the brand or website that you’re reaching out to and know how you can effectively incorporate personalization in your emails.

An ugly email contains no personalization, you don’t want an ugly perceived email outlook, will you?

For the personalization aspect, when composing the email, as earlier stated, ensure that you study the company, also address them by name, very important.

Know what they offer and how their contents are structured and whatever they do on their website.

This way, your email outreach won’t find itself in the trash folder.

Continue reading to know the reasons why email outreach fails to meet its targets.

Reasons Why Email Outreach Aren’t Effective 

1. Sending Emails to the Wrong People

No matter how uniquely constructed the emails are, when they aren’t targeted at the right audience, it would be a waste.

When you make zero research about a brand or company that you’re aiming to send the email to, you are a step toward sending it to the wrong recipient.

And this will eventually result in a failed email outreach.

You can organize the content of the email in a creative, engaging and attractive way that will gain attention.

But when done the wrong way, by sending to the wrong people, it is as ineffective as not sending in the first place.

Most good email outreach often ends up in the wrong inboxes, and later finding itself in the trash folder.

Now, to ensure that your message is tailored to the right audiences, follow the following steps;

  • Look out for the people in charge of SEO or link building in the brand.
  • However, If a brand doesn’t have such experts, look out for someone reliable for creating content for this brand.
  • In sum, you should just ensure that you make thorough research on the brand, so you won’t be sending the right emails to the wrong people.

2. Following the Wrong Logic in Your Pitch

When you approach the desired brand with the wrong logic and approach, your email outreach is most likely to flop.

Most people use the ego-bait technique to approach brand owners and in turn, ask for favours.

When you construct your emails, ensure that it is creative, engaging and not seeking to merely compliment the audience.

Majorly, the ego-bait approach offers nothing to the audience, rather it is merely compliment stuffed.

That’s a big issue as such emails can not truly offer anything relevant or meaningful in return for that favour being requested.

You shouldn’t aim to play on the ego of your audience as your emails are most likely to end up in the trash folder of their emails.

Rather, to grab the attention of your audience, you can check the website for broken links and suggest fixing them.

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3. Thinking That Adding a Name Is Proper Personalization

You will hardly get attention to your email outreach by merely adding the name of the brand to it.

All emails that the brand manager gets always have their name attached to them, so when you think that adding the brand’s name will make the outreach even effective, that’s false.

You should try as much as possible to change the template of your email, not merely changing the name of the targeted brand with the same content.

A proper solution to this is using Pitchbox, which can help you to extract all the contacts from the website and you can put in a person’s name with just one click.

4. Starting the Outreach With Email

Wait! Starting with email is wrong? Yes, it is, and most ineffective!

Don’t start the outreach with an email, rather, it would be more effective when you start with a prospect via LinkedIn.

Email is more private while LinkedIn outreach is more public and effective.

5. Failing to Offer Something in Return

When you promise a lot in your email but fail to offer something in return, your email outreach is ineffective.

You should think of things that you would be able to offer in return to the webmaster.

Bottom line

Having an effective email outreach isn’t difficult and unproductive as most people think it is.

Rather, when you do it the right way, you’re on your way to experiencing the growth of your brand.

There are reasons why most email outreach fails to meet the expectations of the sender and they’ve been discussed in this article.

You shouldn’t send emails to the wrong person, following the wrong logic, also failing to offer something in return.

These reasons, among others, are the reasons why most email outreach fails to hit its mark.

Study and evaluate your email outreach and know where you’ve been doing it wrongly and correct your ways.

I hope this article has helped you have an in-depth understanding of things that affect the effectiveness of email outreach.

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