3 Ways to Measure Link Quality

3 Ways to Measure Link Quality 1
18May, 2021

3 Ways to Measure Link Quality

The discussion on how to link quality is measured is that of effective traffic conversion and how quick it converts the desired traffic.

A link is deemed irrelevant when it doesn’t meet the expectations for which it was created.

Generally, when you start to consider creating a link for your brand, to promote enormous sales, you’re expecting a lot of traffic right?

Of course, traffic is what everyone desires when investing their money in creating a link for their brand.

However, when you have terrific traffic on your link yet you remain in the same ranking position or your products and services do not improve, then there’s a problem with the link quality.

For a link to be relevant and of high quality, it needs to be able to convert traffic that doesn’t only click but also engages.

The traffic, even if not massive should at least yield a reasonable degree of interaction between the visitor and owner of the link.

This helps to determine the level of quality a link possesses. 

Also, the inbound links of the site you want to attach your link to have to be active and effective, to be sure of a massive turnout in link clicks.

When the site has an effective inbound link, you have no reason to panic as this facilitates the conversion of traffic.

Besides, the site also needs to have a great outbound link for several reasons.

Foremost, the outbound link must not direct to any other links whose activities seem suspicious and shady.

Also, the outbound links should not be to linked irrelevant sites, and should not be created from any obvious link-building schemes.

You should be aware that you’re paying quality money for your link, so what you deserve is a corresponding quality link.

So if you seek to create a link for your brand or you’re a link builder, this article will be of great relevance to you.

In this article, you discover 3 ways that you can use in determining the quality of links.

Factors Determining Link Quality 

Moving on, in this section, 3 ways by which you can measure link quality are discussed.

Follow up and discover the reason why your link isn’t productive as expected.

  • How Many Site Visitors Will Convert?

Every link builder and link owner expects a massive turnout in the traffic of the link campaign.

When your link doesn’t attract a lot of traffic, then there’s something wrong somewhere.

It could be that the site your link is on isn’t active and effective enough or it is targeted at the wrong audience.

Wrong targeting is one of the reasons why many links do not have enough traffic as expected.

This is the first step you take in measuring the quality of the link.

Also, your link might experience terrific traffic even more than your expectations, yet you don’t see any improvements in your sales or ranking.

If you’re intending on purchasing a link for your business growth, don’t only set out your mind to attract traffic but the response of that traffic.

Preferably, you should consult your SEO to determine how feasible it would be to run a link campaign on a particular site.

Your SEO can only guess the possibility of a high or low traffic turnout but can’t give a definite number.

So in sum, it’s not all about how many people click the link, but how many people engage in the links.

  • Do a Quality Check of In-links & Out-links

Next, you have to examine the inbound and outbound links of the site that you are hoping to put your link in.

Most sites are inactive and not effective and in the long run, may not give you the desired traffic.

Also, there are sites that do not worth the amount of money presented to put up your link on.

Sites like that are made of conspicuous link-building schemes, which can not guarantee the fulfilment of your expectations.

An amazing inbound link of the site you’re hoping to put your link is essential to ensure that your hopes are met.

You should note the kind of inbound links that the site has if they’re good, then you can go ahead with the link campaign.

More so, the outbound link seriously needs to be put into consideration.

You have to note whether the outbound link connects to a shady or any other irrelevant sites.

If the sites outbound links are in any way linked to another shady or suspicious site, endeavour to back away.

This is because it would be a waste of money to advertise your brand on those sites.

  • Semantic Relevance

Do you agree that certain keywords should match in link creation for it to be effective in traffic conversion?

If yes, then I am not in support of that and I will tell you why.

Consider a Canada fumigation site, linking with a Canada excavation agency’s link.

Would you say that because of the semantic agreement, Canada there would be a higher traffic conversion? Negative!

However, if a linking with semantic relevance yields a massive amount of traffic on the link, then a good link.

But if it doesn’t, then the semantic agreement is just a waste of time.

Going back to the Canada fumigation site and excavation link semantic agreement, people who see the excavation link may be tempted to see what they’re all about.

However, the traffic here wants a fumigation agency, not an excavation company.

So, when the semantic agreement doesn’t yield traffic then it isn’t a good linking.

Bottom line

Getting a quality link for the good price you pay is important as getting massive traffic visitors on your link.

When you build a link or you acquire one, the aim is not only to convert thousands of people clicking on the link.

Don’t you consider the link quality? Link quality in the sense of converting interested people who click on the link not for fun.

When you see improvements in your ranking as well as in your sales, then your link is as productive as the money you pay.

So, if you fall under the category of people who use low-quality links, thinking it is of high quality, I say you analyse again.

Remember, the aim is to attract interactive and interesting traffic, instead of having a link with mere figures.

I hope this article has helped in making you understand the ways by which you can use in measuring your link and how well you can manage the links.

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