18 Popular Link Building Tactics You Should Actually Avoid

18 Popular Link Building Tactics You Should Actually Avoid
15Jul, 2021

18 Popular Link Building Tactics You Should Actually Avoid

While it’s alright to seek effective tools that will boost traffic on your site and secure a top position for you on search engines results pages, it’s also important that you know that some link building tactics shouldince the inception of the search engine, Google has gradually been eliminating the value of links from pages that it deems irrelevant.

This article will show you some Link building strategies to being sanctioned by Google.

1. Paid links

When asked by any company to pay money for links, do not, I repeat do not pay for links. Why pay for something you can get through an effective link building tool?

The only thing you can pay for is if you want to run promotional advertisements. It is then that it is safe to pay for whatever.

2. Scholarship links

This kind of link isonly profitable if you aim to rank high for scholarship searches. But as a brand owner, there’s no connection between your brand and a scholarship brand. 

There’s no relevance between a Cafe owner and a scholarship for doctors.

This link is only relevant for things like “medical doctors scholarship”.

Debunk any news that may say a link from .edu will increase the authority of your domain page.

3. Sponsor Links

This is not a link that has a major positive influence on your rankings. It is very unlikely that a sponsored link will generate meaningful links. This is almost similar to a viral link campaign. 

What’s best is getting a link from a site that’s relevant to your topic or niche.

While this link is not generally bad, it just doesn’t make any difference so why bother?

4. Badges for links trick

 This is one archaic link building trick that has managed not to go extinct yet. 

One reason why you should avoid this method is that only works for you if your site is about awards. 

The way this trick I’d used us to create a fake award and present to websites. Once you accept the award, you’ve given them automatic access to getting backlinks from your site.

Distance yourself from any SEO that tells you this is a link building tool

5. Buying websites

Buying websites is a time-wasting tactic. Because Google no longer permits you to redirect the domain to site signal. Google only allows that if the pages are a close match. 

So buying another website is time-wasting because you’ll have to double your efforts of link-building and writing contents for two websites.

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6. Charity link building tool 

The thing is that links from these sites are irrelevant.

The claim that domain uthority, trust and .edu will give a better ranking in search engine results pages is false. To debunk such news.

7. Content syndication

Content syndication means letting others publish your work in exchange for links. 

This is way different from guest posting. Even with guest posting,, it’s so that you can be exposed to a wider audience and in the process get backlinks.

Take credit for your contents! 

8. Profile link building

Many people who want to build links sometimes sign up to a forum to drop a link from their profile.

This method is not ideal. It’s a low-quality Link with no relevance. A forum profile link can be spammy and useless which it is most of the time.

Do not employ this method for link building.

Avoid whoever introduces this method to you.

 9. Low-Quality Directories and Bookmarking Sites

This is mostly seen as spam because they are low quality. The few sites that allow this are considered to be of higher quality by Google.

Although this method was very popular, it takes a lot of time to submit a website or blog. 

But it is not necessary because it’s practically useless.

10. Quantity over quality

Trying to get backlinks for as many blogs as as you put out can be considered a spam tactic. Quality contents naturally attract quality links.

 So don’t be so overzealous that you use this underhanded method.

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11. Keyword stuffing

Although using keywords can guarantee your ranking high in search engines results pages, stuffing your contents with keywords can do more harm than good. 

Stuffing your contents with keywords can earn you sanction from Google.

12. Ignoring social media

Social media is a great platform to target a larger audience for your website. Do not ignore social media. 

Ensure to maintain a good profile, build trust with your followers. Engage and interact with them. And provide quality contents too.

13. Buying backlinks

This was acceptable some years back but not anymore. The key to getting quality backlinks now is putting out quality contents. 

14. Not tracking progress

There are websites only whose services offer traffic codes. Do not engage in such a way as Google has a way to know exactly where your traffic is coming from.

15. Press Release

Using press releases for link building isn’t ct choice. Sites that give their links out to the press are mostly sites with low quality.

 The press release has its value in releasing relevant news about a business not in building links.

So for a link building strategy, a press release isn’t the best method.

Google doesn’t appreciate paid press releases for link distribution.

16. Viral link campaign

Viral link campaigns can be useful if used more for awareness rather than link building.

But the more a link derails from the topic for which it is campaigning, the less chance of it producing relevant links.

This method is useless if the reason for linking has nothing to do with your business or brand.

17. Commenting on a blog post the wrong way

Commenting on a blog post isn’t just about saying one or two words. But writing meaningful reviews about the post. 

This could earn you links if you go about it the right way. And also never place a link within the comment section. If your comment catches the attention of the web owner, there’s a possibility that they will link back to you.

18. WordPress theme link building

This method has gone extinct a long time ago.

The idea is to recognize when a link building tool is effective and when it’s not.

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Bottom line

SEO has many tools for ranking high in SEO, likewise, do they have some methods that shouldn’t be tried out. 

First for the safety of your site, and the reputation of your brand.

These aforementioned ways should be avoided as there are better ways for link building.

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