10 Bad Links That Can Get You Penalized by Google

10 Bad Links That Can Get You Penalized by Google
15Jul, 2021

10 Bad Links That Can Get You Penalized by Google

It is general knowledge that to rank high on search engine results pages, you must first have high-quality contents then second have links. From inbound links to external links and backlinks. 

Many brand owners focus greatly on just getting links that they end up adding bad links to their sites.

It’s one thing to get links and it’s another thing to accumulate bad links on your site.

Google doesn’t take it likely with sites full of bad links, they sanction them both algorithmically and manually.

I bet you don’t want to lose your hard-earned site to Google sanctioning!

If there are bad links then surely there must be ways to avoid them.

How do you recognize bad links? How do you avoid them?

To guide you in your link building process, and so you will not make the mistake of accommodating bad links on your site, this article explains to you 10 bad links that you must avoid.

1. Press release links

In the past, the press release link wasn’t considered a bad link. Formerly, it took little or no effort to get a press release link. 

All you had to do was simply pitch a press release from different sites that distribute press releases and within a short time, you’d get multiple links.

However, this method of getting links was misused and now Google considers it a threat on the basis that it can be easily exploited.

No matter how good this kind of link was in the past, do not consider using this link now. It can cause your site to be sanctioned.

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2. Discussion Forum Links

There’s an instance where links coming from discussion forums are not bad. 

If they’re coming from a site with an established online presence, and the link itself doesn’t seem spammy or suspicious, then it’s safe to allow it on your site.

However, if you have links coming from many discussion forums, it’s not safe to allow those links on your site as they are all low quality. And remember Google doesn’t take it likely with sites with low-quality links.

3. Foreign guestbook links

Links like this, more often than not are always of high quality. Usually, they’re spammy and manipulative.

These links can be automated or manually put on your site. 

You’d be doing a lot of good by not encouraging links from this source on your site.

4. Many Random No-Follow Links

Randomizing your footprints doesn’t mean that you can get away with spammy links.

Google cannot be fooled. It will surely detect and take action.

There’s no getting around Google’s eagle’s eye and including spammy links in your site. It’s just not possible!

Google will surely fish such link out even if it’s automated, Google will seek out the footprint of that automated program, the only case where 

Google will not take action if the links are truly random.

Any link on your sites that are tagged no-follow is a pointer that something fishy is going on with that link.

5. Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

In the past, private blog networks used to be a great link building tool that increases ranks in Google search engines.

But as usual, it got abused and is now a threat to Google.

Although some PBN may take longer before it is spotted but it will be found and sanctioned.

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6. No Followed (& Followed) Social Bookmark Links

Google considers social bookmarking links as a threat because they can be easily manipulated. 

Allowing this link on your site can implicate your site.

If you think about it, you’ll discover that they can be manually placed hence making them easier to be manipulated.

7. Directory Submissions (or a Directory Submissions Service)

It is indeed true that relevant and Targeted directories can help build links, but what’s false is the low-quality directories promise to increase your ranking on search engines.

Allowing links from these low-quality directories can make your site get sanctioned and it causes more harm than the good you intended.

Low-quality directories will surely produce low-quality links!

8. Blog Comments

Blog comments are not excluded from the commonly abused link building tools.

While there’s an okay approach to using blog comments as a link building tool. Which is making relevant comments on topics on topically related sites.

But now, there are brand owners who engage in spamming the comment section with links. This is a wrong approach to using blog comments as a link building tool.

Spamming comments with links simply doesn’t earn you any links.

Not only is it a waste of time,  but it simply doesn’t work.

9. Links From Fiverr or Other Cheap Link Services

This tactic was originally meant to produce quality Link, but it got abused again!

Google has developed a way to detect this link. Technology has advanced greatly and so Google can easily set up an investigative account on 

Fiverr to pose as a webmaster of some kind, note the kind of pattern that users of this method follow and track them down.

With Google, there’s no hiding place for bad links, it might take a while but it will get discovered.

10. Links Built by Automatic Link Building Programs

Google doesn’t endorse the use of some tools like GSA search engine, Ranker, Scrape Box etc for link building.

Although the primary use of these tools is to build links, in recent times, this program is no longer relevant.

What’s not so puzzling is that Google is far ahead of any SEO professional. 

So any SEO professional that thinks of sidetracking Google and including bad links in their site,  should prepare for punishment from Google.

The best way to avoid sanctioning is to disavow bad links on your site.

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Bottom line

With Google, there’s no way to smuggle bad links into your site. Once you are caught, you will be sanctioned.

Besides being known for low-quality links doesn’t give your site a good reputation.

It’s best to avoid bad links and its s method and focuses on earning valuable links by creating quality contents and earning links the right way.

Although the right way may not seem to yield fast results it requires time.

A bad link can only last for some time because within a short time, it will be discovered and the site that hosts the link will be sanctioned.

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